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Overreach fifty you have some extra opportunities to put extra money away so be aware of those are get connected with an investment professional but start to have conversations start to be aware of the things you don't know but the things you need to know a chris in the fifties particularly you can be hit with something he didn't anticipate in that is the care for your your aging parents if this comes out of left field and you haven't prepared for it and maybe your parents haven't prepared for what do you do on the suit top spot guards and i've seen a lot of this i call it the sandwich generation because you've got kids you're trying to launch uh that some boomerang back home and then you have parents that our aging and my heart goes out to people in this situation because as the top spot are you are trying to honor your parents which were called to do in the bible and so it's a matter of really understanding what you can do versus what you can't do i would see if you've got siblings out there that you only to have a family meeting we need to have an understanding of hey what are we going to do for mom and dad if you happen to be just an only child it's a matter of being very clear i would say reach out to a financial coach let's understand the benefits and options that may be available to your parents cannot utilising are they getting their social security or their va benefits if they served in the military and so start to reach out and understand where you are but just be realistic about what you can do and be very clear on what you can and can't do now that's good in how do we connect with our parents about their own financial circumstances okay you come up with a big topic here um you got to remember something our regardless of your age in the eyes of your parents you will always be there child through and it's one of those things where i think it's the spirit in which we approach it.

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