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Apartment building by its some shit man man for he di get fucking fucking room full of fucking naked girls. Go go for it. My friends had never done anything like that. Don't care how tough they a young gangsters. How many people they kill they never been in a room with a bunch of naked and beautiful women the dan st wa watching that block got enough that that was so uncomfortable yeah what a bunch of naked women around there was so fucking fucking income they will fuck you. Can't they called what the fox going on going on yet. Yes yes something. They don't know what they weren't happy with. The folks going on new idea. You'll base shorty. I got alliens. What about alien aliens. He has this remember in canada. We saw some magazines white my wife think i think we're aliens. Yeah my wife think aliens planted here yeah engineer us or we are. We respond and by them. I think we're flunkies with a fucking least. We're like the workers know nine to fucking work day ready to work with steve beat. They were still be among them work but we can't do shit florida mainly useless to them motherfucking on planet earth resident breath still here orchestrating shit but in like human suits listen. I don't know you tell me you think this is the only uniform god can create a universe can create and i think this is your wants to lay the asshole. I'm like it could have been anything thing right on. Why don't we shut our mouths. How can we don't you know when we belt sometime. It smells like shit but why don't they come out with their. I asked yeah dude that's. Why do we have two arms. Why do we have two legs. Why do we have these things. Why don't we have tentacles. Why sometimes <hes> when people are born. They're born with extra armed but it's never it's never mature enough to work yeah. That's something that we were born with one particular time one. I dunno one fucking pie from should we had three arms three days. How coming from people are born with tail trying to come up to you know i'll start with something that we once had. They took away liam still trying to come out. Some people dikla bigger than other people's dicks wired has been this mainland. Uh what about the long gated skulls yet. That's all that was interesting to throwing year and egypt and yeah people are doing that themselves though they tied the brain brainwash. That's how i don't know dude. I don't think that makes sense like the night goes on no like their house like another racist. I said i think that was another race of beings. Maybe that was the first aliens so you know there's this tribe in in west. Africa called the dogon tribe. I'm not hit. Tell me about them. They believe they worship canopus and every year they have like a month-long month-long cannabis festival in this tribe and it's because in their folklore they have these ancient cave paintings of aliens coming down and and they believe that this alien race from the sirius stars serious a and b two stars there there the dog stars they brought this alien race brought this cannabis plant to humanity to the people of earth gave it to them and said this will bring you peace ace. You'll be able to use this very sacred plant that will help humanity in great ways. Now cannabis translates to two dogs dogs cana- bis two dogs from the two dogs stars serious a and b what if cannabis is from aliens yeah what is it might be for malians year..

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