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See what his deal is because we are going to talk some trade talk and I just, I'm so out on Bo horvat, but we will talk about all that a little later coming up. One thing we brought up last week, we probably talked about it too much because again, we both agreed that we don't care about it. But it is nice that posture knock did get selected to the All-Star Game. He'll be with Jim Montgomery, Lena Saul Mark. I'll tell you what. I know sometimes they get, I think I remember a couple of years ago, Tim Thomas was in the fastest skater contest at the All-Star Game. I don't want any of that from Lena's Omar. I don't want I want him to sit in one spot and stay there and not get hurt. I don't want to bump a bruise, a shot hit him in the wrong spot. I don't want any of that stuff. Get him out of fastest skater and hardest shot. I don't want him doing any of that nonsense. Just sit there, stop some pucks and then get the hell out of there as quick as you can. Just wave to the crowd, Lena. Really, seriously. But it's nice to see pasta and I get his due and, you know, again, I think that's just, it's good for the league. He's a supermarket guy. I think that's sort of a no brainer. Yeah, true ambassadors of the game as the game grows. And it gets younger and more creative as he is, you know, just good to have him here and hopefully he sticks around. I know that the contract negotiations are, you know, it's putting a toll on the bruins fan base because a lot of folks just don't understand why it's not happening. And a lot of the tweeters out there that sign them in, you know, a lot of that, I think is the fan base put in a lot of pressure on Don Sweeney to get it done, but like I've said in several podcasts, JP Barry is one that's notorious for just waiting and waiting to maximize the best interest in his client and obviously it's all in a percentage that the agent gets as well, you know? The more talk he's getting the more money is going to get.

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