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I remember going into the The Goldberg. Like fights and they had like meetings backstage with the commentators before before the show went on and they they start asking us questions. Like you know, what do you what do you see? What do you think about yourself a promotion? And I was like look you guys you guys dropped the ball on this one. All you've been doing is promoting two old guys, right? We know Chuck can't fight. I'm like, you got effort escudero thoughts on the show a former tough winner, you know trying to have his own Redemption story. He was fighting gleison tibau you had myself a professional wrestler taken on one of the top amateur wrestlers of them are on win and this was something they didn't promote at all and I sort of throwing that you know at them and they the guy kind of like well hey what's going on here? So, you know, I am a little bit too outspoken for my own good sometimes and quite frankly if you watch like the WWE I wouldn't be able to do what I want under that realm and it's off. One of these things like, you know, I'm sure you get asked all the time. Like hey, don't you want to be on SNL do you want to do so something like that? And yeah, you know off the grass isn't always greener. Ya know. What's your now are you in wrestling? Do you go out of filthy tongue or do you have another app? Yeah. I've I've now reached a point where I am unapologetically by myself. I wish I could come up with a different character like Adam Hunter multiple-time amateur wrestling champion, but unfortunately, I've used my boss real name up until this point do some of the things grants. I don't know if you remember Grant are you sleeping? Yeah. Sorry. I'm not talking about you right now. Okay. You would be freaking Millennials, but you remember watching Tom come out with like a bondage like he came out like you got like a you had some of the funniest entrances I've ever seen in my life. Like, I don't know Bill remember this he used to come out versus like Hulk Hogan dead. Make you understand Severn then like you came out with like meta. It was like some kind of S&M thing. My favorite though was there was no no Adam Adams. It was a dog collar. Okay, CB dollaway Seth petruzelli had me on a dog leash leading me down to the ring. But I mean, I don't want to I don't want to get it twisted because the S&M thing is something I do in my own time off. Okay. Got you all dog collars doesn't ask them involved dog collars are like it's not SMS dog collars is bestiality different. I don't know. I never get a dog collar and they will show you walking with a dog collar jobs and they acted as if it was totally normal. You're like, oh here comes Tom Waller and I'm like, we're not we're just not going to address the fact that he's a dog collar on him and is that all for is barking like crazy get a totally overlooked that like that's and then the one time there was a there was a really bad wrestling promo the shockmaster right everything this bill of Grant grab you watch w a dead. I do not. You're a loser. Right?.

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