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Care who cares. Well, it's g twenty did the dragon lady pushed over the edge. Probably, maybe that was it. So kid, Harry guy place, Jon snow. By the way, pretty interesting HBO is coming out with this documentary about the ending episode. Now they put it together. I saw some clips about the, you know, they do a table reading all read the script at the same time in their parts to practice and found out the ending together while they were all shocked, and I guess, old John snow took it kind of hard, the way he had to stab as longtime lover. Because now you gave it away. Please. Weeks. Now. Adventures? Doctor Spock dies kits rep confirmed these entering a wellness retreat. The world is re rehab say going to take yoga classes. Yes. Okay. He spending some time working on personal issues. So he sees these either into drugs or alcohol, which would personal issue. Is it? Well, the, the rep insists that he's not there for rehab, so wellness retreating. Capitals. I saw the official state is. Harvey Weinstein to two was one of those wellness retreats. Yeah. Six. He wandered in and out of. But listen to this. It's supposedly people in the know seats luxury facility in Connecticut, it costs more than one hundred twenty thousand dollars a month. Oh, come on. They paid Johnston away, too much money, right? Cow allow all those people because they were all nobody except for Jason momoa. He was the only one in the first one that anybody knew. Yeah, that's true. Right. We all call the dragon lady in John snow. I did the final shots was fine. Ventilating. And then they sit wrap broke down a little bit. Nervous breakdown because the showing listen, this is his publicist trying to get out there again. For the next move. Could fight a new job. It's right checkout. Today's video blog at eight fifty W, F T, L dot com to see. I truly gifted singer. The fact that he's blind in autistic.

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