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School time Kent County was sort of special arrangements the state legislature approved a bill last year requiring new security measures to combat a possible school shootings and other threats and the the Kenton county schools have completed a number of changes they say is I go back to school today new camera systems are automatic locking doors at the main entrance of the high schools have to have like a vestibule with like a double entrance so yeah like one set of doors come in where they could be screen like a metal detector something then go through another set of doors before you enter the building of this bill was approved by the legislature last year without any funding for they were telling district you have to do this this and this and the game to July of twenty twenty two to do it weeks the expectation is that they will send some money their way to help with the improvements and when they meet again but can Kelly took the steps themselves go ahead and do this since I knew the law was coming and they wanted to make improvements anyway one of the things it's different this year in the Kent County schools and I imagine now will be a number of schools across the country across the state every time you have class after the students are in for that class in you lock the door from the inside so that nobody can come in and it's now required that the doors half the lock from the inside so that differ an intruder somebody was going through the halls trying to get in the classrooms in theory they would have to break the locker Bustin somehow to get into a room like steel doors one of them in the classroom I mean I I guess there's the doors are being upgraded I haven't seen any any photos of my mean most of the doors they have like a least some kind of glass panel insure you could bust out but the doors half the lock according to Kentucky lawn can count is made those changes okay coming of our news at seven o'clock we'll have more on the arraignment today for tristate priestesses.

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