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Outbreak and on the tracks My bladder became overactive, nocturnal and I still after two years suffer from that was in five days. What a a virus. That's breaking out on your face and on the nerves that go to your face. I mean, it's sitting there. How does that connect to the bladder Nerves, which is about The cause and effect of the shingles of can't affect your nerves. They say. I know that but it has to be the nerves where the shingle the virus is sitting. It will be hard to understand how that virus when it's sitting on the facial nerve. Um, can just crawl back and go all the way down and just affect the nerve to the bladder. You could have something happening your low back that may not be symptomatic. You may not have symptoms of a low back issue, but she may have a disc issue. You may have some nerve interruption of disruption at the level of the back. That's You know, affecting your bladder? You know the lumber Lamar secret letters. Nerve conduction tests back. Yes. Supposedly I have a herniated disk. Well, the eight herniated discs are definitely if they're down there. They're definitely correlating with the bladder problem because you know your brain. As his big, fat nerve that runs down, you know, on the inside of your vertebrae. And it branches off to nerve roots and the nerve roots go underneath the vertebrae and out. So if you have herniated disc and your low back or lumber secret area as those bones get closer together because the disk is not As thick is it Woz and I tell people to think of the disk like a hockey puck with a marble in the middle of it. If that marvelous kind of moving back and forth. It's a degenerating disc or bulging disk. If it's stuck at the edge of the hockey puck and won't go back. That's a herniated disc that can hit the nerve and affect any of the Areas of skin, muscle or organ that that nerve goes to left side or right side. So those nerve roots branch out and they go to your skin, your muscles and your organs. There's probably from your low back. Yes, but unfortunately that the acid when we got the shingles, and I was on Valtrex, that's when the whole process the overactive bladder began. But that still coincides with your low back causing your bladder problem because I don't see a way that a virus that's only staying on your nerve in your face and breaking out on your face with just with jumping over every other nerve. Just go down to your bladder. The doctors have to look at your low back for your bladder connection. And is there any themselves that could be done for the cell therapy without any area of damage or general degeneration and make brand new cells as we spoken about? You know, we've seen people that have m s Parkinson's outs. Harmer stroke, diabetes, liver, kidney heart failure. You could look you know, visual issues, macular degeneration, So I think if you're do stem cells, and you did intravenous that can get to any organ of your body. And variously, you know terribly When people have intravenous done, they have areas of improvement beyond what we were looking for. Initially, like the diabetic who's got great vision, color vision comes back so Athletic, the videos the website to see that Okay. Last question. Do you have any colleagues in New Jersey that you could refer to? I don't know anybody who's fellowship certified in New Jersey. I don't know any doctors in New Jersey doing stem. I'm sure there's some. I just don't I don't know of any Doctors don't know, Go to every or learn about other doctors in every state. Normally, doctors don't even When you go to conferences, they're mostly mostly local conferences. But stem cells is such a rare Specialty that, you know, we don't know the doctors. They're doing it. I'm sure there's some. I just don't know whether they're trying to do umbilical, which is not kosher or some of them that have done fat, which is no longer You know approved, so I don't know. Thank you so much for your cold. Okay, Phone lines are open. If you'd like to call and ask a question you could do so now. 1 808 for eight W A. B. C. 108 for 89222. And we'll get you up in the air and we'll chat. Appreciate your phone calls all these different great topics. This is what I called Juicy. It's nitty gritty is great stuff. Let's go to Joe in Staten Island. How are you? Hi. Can you hear me? Yes, sir. Yes. My name is Joe. I happened to have an unfortunate accident over the summer at work. I throw off a telephone pole and I broke my right leg basically acted as a shocked observer. Also over bones broke and a bit of my ankle smashed up. And I'm at the point Now where my doctors tell me the bones aren't you know, healing as what they would expect it to be on. I have a friend who listens to your show. He tells me you know the listen in tonight and calling which I am doing, Um what he's thinking. He's for every he likes the stem cell bit. But what do you suggest for something like that? We've had a lot of patients over the years that don't heal well, whether it's the skin. Ulceration on their leg or fracture or bone break or any number of things. So healing is based upon different things. The simplest beginning of the conversation healing depends upon vitamins, minerals and hormones. Your bones require calcium boron. A lot of vitamin D On and all the other minerals and nutrients to really be able to do their job that you might have done better, you know, is a 10 or 15 or 20 years. Younger person. So your thyroid hormone testosterone is very important for Bo's idea, if one the active component of growth hormone important for growth and healing, so that being said those were easy to test for in the blood. And correcting those makes sense. No matter what you are going through. When you want to maximize your potential to create repair. That's what stem cells do and whether you talk about a joint Ligament tendon cartilage, Whether you talk about organs, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, pancreas brain, You can see evidence of that with the videos on my website of people that have had much more severe problems that have had great results. And also articles over many years that have documented that so there are clearly millions of studies on stem cell therapy that go back for decades and decades. That being said If you have something that's not the video on my website. It's not as though it's only a limited number of things that we're showing it because you know we've treated people and people have opted to wannabe On the website to show the world how they're doing. But this is just proof that stem cell were therapy works for all of your tissues and for a wide range of different disorders. I think that correcting your vitamins, minerals and hormones. And then utilizing stem cell therapy intravenously will be an excellent way and would cover every area of your healing mechanism so that you have better healing ability. So that's my long winded answer. Okay? I'm sorry. Um, I was listening. But you know most of that stuff. It sounds like this supplements and a lot of people believe. Supplements really don't work well, because they're not testing people, putting them on supplements and retest him. Probably 90% of people talking about supplements have no idea what they're talking about. They've never done a test roll their vitamins or their generals. They're taking random stuff that if they bought in a health food store somebody told him about. I've seen people for 32 years. They think they know what they're doing with vitamins when we get the blood test back. Their vitamin levels are low because they've never tested. So supplements have a place, but they're not gonna make you Superman. They are good for your immune response. They decrease the risk of heart disease of cancer. They lower homocysteine. They're good from brain function, etcetera. They're not gonna make 18 again. But Putting brand new cells into your bloodstream to go wherever you have damaging degeneration is what stem cells do so That's why they create a far greater response of healing. Repair than anything that has ever come across in health and medicine. So that's why we do the blood test to look at all those things correct everything we can and use the options himself Therapy. Yeah, I'm 58 years old. But I thought stem cells is insurances. Don't Insurance companies to cover it unless it's for cancer. As I mentioned moments ago when they cover a cancer procedure called a bone marrow transplant..

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