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Check, but I think is still expanding. It's not dying said the only star you WanNa name as the Sun. So No, you're not gonNA pay for that because I don't think they're offering. I know, yeah I'M NOT GONNA be able to do them because they're not gonna be able to give me what I want but also my another issue even if you wanted to give money to these companies that they got a business, you know that's it. Right? It's all you have is that printed certificate of the falsely named Star and came you can't even go online and check that what Starwood we have been was you gotta like show people your certificate or you can scan it and then That just seems weird. You could do this all your own. That's the funny thing about it. This is heartbreaking for me. The answer is, yes. I WOULD WANNA star named after myself or or something in honor of me. Do I need to pay a you know to have this fictitious certificate made not necessarily I would just want the star named after me whether it's real or acknowledged it by the scientific community, which obviously wouldn't be. It doesn't matter really to be. The symbolism of the gift is that late you matter so much person that they would want you like in the star. Something to seem super romantic about it but I like you're saying you could totally print it yourself as you all the time all the different certificates. At Deer by requests. Also sorts of certificates. Can Be certified at any big I guess it's A. Type of behavior but we're just saying we're not saying the catch-me-if-you-can me if you can thing but now. So talk. That maybe for my birthday devils print certificate of my so isn't that interesting like if you really think about that, it almost seems to. Say, the word. No. Is Technically Audrey. I don't know. I just wonder. going. down. There are no legal. Yeah. I guess there's no laws against it so you can do it, but technically, it seems to me it's deceitful but you said the websites tell you eight tells as long as the one that I went to. The mass. And they are not associated with any of the meaning of by commercial. Because sold, the company's tell you that to. disclaimer that's for the company's business and there are no laws. Whatever? Yes. Has the legal ramifications associated with it? All I know is I'm going to get you the yellow paper and you're, gonNA print my certificate. Increments. To, you go to like the edges it everything. Really rough sticking nature. You can. You can do a really good job.

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