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I have i have to ask of course blubber provocative question but so is sales marketing still separate organisations well i mean it they are in terms of the craft that you have to have both the book the organizations but they are at the end of the day everything's a line when you aligned with the number and a mission so the mission is to be one team and the the number is war tower success will be so when the sales discloses a deal that he actually bring a marketer together and gone did because they feel like there was a of the team play their in to talk about how was work in the marketing team is equally excited about it what's annuals fundamentally changed here reagan and this debate has been there forever and gear leave a term in as being an accomplice market leader we have been talking about this to are as one of the things that are brought from helps dupe boom but really it has been a philosophical conversation right and people that gas cord they should be aligned and things like that but heed the alignment can are happen until that is one number in one number can only happen when the sales and marketing team leaders bolt feel bolt feel that they are accountable to each other otherwise it's it's got bullshit because most organizations would say well yeah will sales enclosed the numbers or deals or marketing did for wind anything in this case when you have one number and one team what happens is marketing and sales are meeting daily if not like every other offer two hours to figure out okay well we're going to close these deals the next ninety deals in the next thirty days how cannot for what aircover for these 90 deals that we have in the pipeline what are we doing to get more engagement will let we figured out if he can get an executive let's see if i can get you set of the call that's another customer order that maybe we should do a dinner over there or something because five of your opportunities are embiid reason so all these conversations are not going to happen until dole to know that their bonuses are an end in salaries depend on that number.

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