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Gone are the days of parents and teachers trying to even the playing field. In fact adults seemed to make matters worse. There are official Valentine's Day dances where students have the option to bring a date for many. This is their first experience asking someone out out any mixture of awkward slow songs itchy garments an uneven number of girls versus boys can lead to a humiliating eating experience not to mention the issue of popularity. You may come armed with Valentine's for your pals only to find nine that few if any did the same for you or worse your friends might be preoccupied with their boyfriends or girlfriends leaving little time for you. My high school even more teenagers are coupled up stuffed animals chocolates and grocery store. Flowers are paraded up and down the halls like some sort of cruel circus on this one day of the year. It's easy to feel like everyone is more loved and in love of then you are and this sentiment carries over well into adulthood while not every holiday is celebrated raided by everybody. New Year's is practically the only one that is the general observance. A Valentine's Day is impossible to avoid red and pink banners cover websites and shops and businesses are decked out with glittery hearts. Even your local drugstore clears an aisle for the festivities so this mass marketing seems to be effective as of twenty nineteen. It's estimated that a whopping fifty one percent of Americans celebrate the holiday and last year the overall national spending was projected at over twenty billion dollars in twenty nineteen. Hundreds of couples were married on Valentine's Day in a mass wedding. That's become an annual tradition and bear county Texas. Meanwhile a total of nine million proposals were expected on the day of love. All this talk of love can be insulting for both happy and unhappy singles patronizing articles instruct you to get out there and give love a chance or they encourage you make the most of it by spending time with loved ones in the face of so much cultural nudging some. I prefer or pretend to ignore the holiday altogether. They refuse to acknowledge their co-workers roses or to share their roommates mate's chocolate. It's no coincidence. That high grossing horror movies launch every year on Valentine's Day giving individuals without partners. There's a chance to evade the annual ROM COM release in the theater next door. Happy couples and masochistic singles. Watch as two you lonely but beautiful characters fall in love. Meanwhile you are watching on popcorn and watching someone's throat get slick.

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