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I think it's worded did badly. I don't think we should characterize evolution as a series of mutations. Because you're right it does sound like an insult. Your a mutant has never been considered a nice thing to call someone right. And that's how they're painting. This is the author. Here is pointing at blondes. Are going you. People are mutant. That's messed up man. Well unless it's a choice. Apparently it says now blind is the color of the right. For whom whiteness has become a hallmark over the past decade or so As inclusiveness became the hallmark of obama era liberals the left found feminist. Icons in rachel maddow samantha power in the shell obama who made no apologies for their failure to fit traditional ideals but hashtag maga- fox news. America is a place where all the classic signifier of privilege in wealth work on overdrive. The country club issue blue blazers with brass buttons and khaki pants and above all else for women that yellow blond hair. Oh said yellow blond not nice. These people have really yellow blond hair. I guess trump. This is orange like an orange blonde. Yeah carefully. their carefully tended hair a dog whistle of whiteness. That wouldn't white skin be the biggest dog. Whistle whiteness. i feel like. I'm the lease blonde here in the most dog whistle white. It doesn't make any sense. It's not like people. Look at angie and be more prone to think she's white me. Yeah i mean we're white. I presume this. Because as far as i know only white people can't have naturally blonde hair but how many people actually have naturally blonde hair when they get older. I mean to children's start with blonde hair. And then as they turn three four five years old it starts to fade off and turned into a different color. My was initially blonde me to. I guess that's true. Not probably is why it seems like there are more blinds than there are because there's so many little kids that are blonde and then they grow up in their blonde anymore. I wonder why that is. I do too because a lot of my kids had my charlottenburg. Mikey had blonde hair and blue eyes. And he was like this cute as a button. I'm not saying that he's not now but like as he was growing up he was blonde hair and he's just sweet and had like the southern accent. That's miss says fox news america. Oh yeah already. Read that part says So it's a dog whistle of whiteness. Unspoken declaration of values a wink. Wink to the power of radical or. Wait racial privilege into the nineteen eighties vibe pervades a movement led by a man who still believes in the guilt of the central park five. That's so specific. This person just has a vendetta against a blonde people who is she talking about. Who is who is the man here that she's referring to trump presumably think she's just trying to paint like the idea of like what blonde people are signifying by being blonde. Like if you're blind your signifying to other people. Like i go to country clubs and i'm white and i believe the central park five or guilty. That seems oddly spending on the central park. five. I don't know if she has to be referring to a specific person in this is talking about the blinds in trump era. Apparently even though this was written after biden was elected. It's just like you forget everything about biden being president. It's everything bad is trump's fault still maybe her ex husband's new wife or girlfriend is blond. Though i why during that well yeah. They're still talking about the trump era it says during that republican preppy handbook when dynasty and dallas were on. Tv the type of conspicuous ostentation. That would leave real estate developer to she'd his entire apartment in gold leaf was actually in vogue. Look at the movies. Jake's girlfriend hold on what the hell did that author just right. But during the trump administration because of the shows dynasty and dallas type of conspicious ostentation li real estate developer to she. His entire apartment in gold leaf was actually in vogue. He's trying to say like people are living all the sudden like ran like the wolf of wall street and being blonde and okay. I'm glad that you clarified that. Because i did not get that. For what the hell is talking about i. I'm aware of a show called dallas. But i thought that was. I don't know. I don't keep up with television. Shows it even worse than keep up with movies which is not very much the authors better when they're not puffing they're out like that and whether it just talking about how how horrible being blonde is and how they're racist or whatever that's when the authors better well they i'm just going to skip the trump era thing 'cause i it's truly hard to understand what they're talking about. She says since only about two percent of the world has naturally blonde hair. Being blonde is a choice and the means used to get. There could be very easy to read. It's not a choice for me. It would be a choice for these super of the population that could certainly dyed their hair color. That's here but anyone can dyed their hair pretty much any color they want. Your burnett is making a choice to be a brunette to annex two eight three six away in on whatever you want six zero three two eight three six one six hundred. I'm italy recruited search and rescue officer. 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