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Chamisa with the rest of the news just one last piece of news before i leave you brian and i don't know if you've heard this yet but you know the yankees home opener scheduled for today with the snow we'll just have a look outside does not look like spring opener weather does it did they canceled they've they've rescheduled they've postponed they will play the tampa bay rays tomorrow tuesday at four o'clock and if you're a baseball fan who also looks forward to the annual nostalgia train that runs on opening day have even more bad news for you the nostalgia train is also postponed because of the weather this is the annual vintage fourcar train they usually run from grand central up to yankee stadium not today france not today the national weather service is saying two to four inches of snow expected in the new york city area so far it looks like it's sticking outside but the sun is expected to come out in the afternoon highs only in the mid forties today and no snow is in the forecast for tomorrow just rain good news it's thirty three degrees right now in prospect park brooklyn and that is the latest from the wnyc newsroom i'm should meet the best zoo at wnyc we rely on the listener support but what exactly does that mean hi i'm jacqueline cincotta the program director at wnyc to me listener support means you're a partner with us the news information the types of conversations you hear on wnyc without your contribution it doesn't happen and you know i like it that way.

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