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To game thrown i think they're doing like a nice nod taking a hat we're gonna take your mantle yell for some reason i couldn't like catch i don't know why obviously he's said the hand of the kingpin i'm like the hand of wilson wilson's fish what's the texture about those stupid hands it king fan i remember when i saw it i was like why does he have that and then i looked it up and it was like in nice little easter egg but i thought in that seem hector's like she has a dragon his face look like jamie when deniers road in with his dragon and just obliterated the lancaster army and this is when you said the shows some people saying it's getting a little bit too full of itself which he takes for glove and she's got the bionic arm that scene felt like ooh look at this this is cool right that's kind of felt like an old like nineties action movie dialogue itself that talking more about like the slow pace a slow burn like oh it's kind of like season one did the same thing look how we can do and season two which i don't feel that way completely but sometimes i feel like they're trying to be like a little too cute yeah i bet you don't know what this is what this means and i'm not gonna judge till the season's over anyway because there's so many things when you re watch she's in one like oh where you might have been like oh what the hell with the point what was the point of that but then looking back on like oh that's actually pretty dope i love the episode because they kind of got you all over the place hanging like it's all cliffhangers you get a taste of rosh world or colonial world whatever they're calling it there's another world and then you know you see the west world what's going on with delo and the fight there they give you that and then you know not to jump to the last scene but if the samurai bad ass.

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