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You what? That's Kobe Bryant mean Teo, you baby a sparrow 106. It is also Mama Day. Listen, when I think about Cobi Cobi means my family well talking. It was like a family member. Because every time we gathered around a television we watched when we were cycle we watch preseason game playoff run. That's how we all got together. Me and my cousin. My guy covers like every story we have with each other involved. Getting involved, cold, dominating winning ship, so that means them. That's what he means to me, not I get chills talking about and I think we all used to sit around the TV and have a debate. Talk about like you said, Watch reruns or simply explain things to the kids, everybody when they throw that piece of paper towards the trash, can you say cold? Lissa Akerman. Carlos from Montebello. Montebello got a lot of love for cold make Carlos what is called O'Brien means to you, but we're Bryant. To me in the heart of a champion is definitely not my best time. But as a leak from the shape he had the heart of a champion in and it was just stood on the back. And you can't you can't You can't say anything about that. Because even the people who hated him loved him. They can't debate any of his greatness. No, he definitely cat and I was always on team shack. But I love you. I love shack is about 81 points in a game. This is about the room. This is about Cole..

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