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Law coal them midst keller up against dialer molly tonight game. Two of the series at six forty six forty now the rider or. How many outs do Well saint louis role to their ninth win winning a row last night. Beat milwaukee five to two so the red state three back of the cardinals and the wildcard chase with eleven to go not not going to happen is worth either. But i'll tell you what. Why is it. Joey votto in the hall of fame now because he has to be out of the game five years but get voted in. It's the baseball writers ruled. Just put them in. And i saw the. We'll do that. They right they. Write for royal. Buddy does anything except talk as paul writers wanted to. Nobody reads those. They're periodicals okay. Nobody reads the newspaper monday night. Football aaron jones four touchdowns says green bay downs detroit. Thirty-five seventeen a twitter poll should go into the hall of fame. That makes more sense. You ought to go into your damn right. I do tangled players have their usual tuesday off. They'll get back to work tomorrow. Get ready for sundays. Road action against this steelers need a day off that they should have brought offense in for sure. Hey you guys should go home. Take a day off. Look at your your checking account and Go back to not caring tonight. Stadium the site friendly match paraguay up against the united states national teams. That's featuring frontline notre dame's rose lavelle go team high school. Oh shed x five hundred bombers three spots at the tenth in the nation speaking. Max preps twenty-five poll to attend. He's talking braille polygraphs. Not working sorry. I think that's off. Open an appearance on saturday at napa. Don't be a homer here. Proud.

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