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Amy Lawrence, when you drive in the left lane below the speed limit and will not move over so the sinners can feed by. Just let us go. You want to drive grandma style and hold up traffic. What are you doing in the federally or the right hand lane, but your force people to go around you. Some of us actually had places to go. I mean, you might not have a care in the world, but some of us that places to go. This is after hours with Lawrence In addition to that, being one of the situations that creates road rage for me. Keeps driving in the left hand lane and going super slow and not caring enough to move over or even noticing Really something else that drives me. Absolutely batty is when you're on a three later, four lane road. And there's one car in every single lane all going the same speed. They're all going the same brick. It's be. It's like they're forming a barrier. On purpose. To prevent me from getting through. It's unbelievably annoying. However, I did say no, I didn't live up to it. But I did say that after not driving my car for essentially three months. In fact, I one of the highway maybe twice in three months during the spring and early summer last year that I would never have road rage again. I will say that even though I haven't stuck to that I do have better perspective when I'm on the highways. Just not when I have a place to go and people are poor. Mostly blocking me from making any progress. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio, We generally don't have a lot of time for anything other than Football, postgame and reaction and kind of sorting through what we saw.

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