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Chicken accessories right now? Well, I have to tell you that I tried the chicken diapers on kip right when she was young because obviously she was like, she's living in my house and I have carpets and everything along those lines. But she hates having things on her. And I've talked to a lot of people who kind of make these things and they're like, no, no, no, you have to let them suffer through it. But I can't let my birds suffer through it because she just looks so dejected and she walks around and then falls over and then pecks her feathers out 'cause she's trying to get this thing off of her. And I was like, and I tried it multiple times and I was like, I can't do it. And so it kept me like really refuses to wear things, but I think that it's also part of each individual chicken's personality. There are some that will just sit on your lap and cuddle with you. There's others that are more high strong. There are some that are more aloof. It really, I think, depends on the chicken's personality, but kippy has gone to a number of my photo shoots and have obviously been in a number of photo shoots. I mean, she shot everything from like a bidet commercial to celestial seasonings tea. And it just is a byproduct of kind of being around me and me having to take her everywhere. And I just want to be clear that she is not my emotional support hen, but I do call myself the emotional support human for her because she has detachment issues. But we've worked on, we worked on that. And, you know, in order for me to get her into a coop, I slept in the coop for two nights just so that she could just acclimate and know that it's actually a safe place to sleep. And that made all the difference. And you know, I think when you're so connected to an animal, whether it's a hen or not, you understand kind of psychologically what they're going through and you want to be able to a swash, you know, their pain or anguish or anxiety and I think that by doing that and sacrificing two nights sleep for myself. That was actually made all the difference. Hold on a second. We are with summer rain oaks, supermodel summer rain hooks. I can say she's a supermodel. It says model here, but I say she's a supermodel. There's more on the way stick around. Henry education. Hi, this is Bert ward. Robin from the TV series Batman. You've got to keep listening to animal radio while we Zoe. They've got the best information. It's so entertaining. To the batmobiles citizens. Do you have Medicare and do you use a CPAP machine? This is a national healthcare alert regarding your CPAP supplies. Using a clean CPAP mask and clean supplies is important to staying healthy. 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And I had watched a ton of YouTube videos on dog separation anxiety, and I think that you just have to deal with it probably slightly differently. And yet some of the same ways as well. I talked to a lot of people who had hens who had imprinted on them and one person had said to me, oh, it took about a year for my one hand to separate from me and I was like, oh my God, I don't have another year where I have to carry a chicken around my neck every. I only had left kippy alone for two hours for like a whole year. And I think it goes to show you that like chickens, you know, our social creatures and it's part of the reason why they live in flocks and all this other kind of stuff. But they do make such great companions. I think for that reason, is that you share a little bit of this sociality with the hen and they are definitely much more attentive and connected than I would say even a cat, for instance. Yeah. Your apartment is full of what, 700 plants or so, and because you're into plants, you actually wrote a book called how to make a plant love you, cultivating your personal green space. That will be coming out actually. You could pre order it, but that will actually be coming out next year. But yeah, I'm working on a plant book and my last book was actually on cooking called sugar detox me to help people reduce their sugar intake. And the plant stuff has always just been how I live my life. I'm an environmental scientist and entomologist by training. And so living in the city and away from my country home, I grew up in the country, one of the ways that I've kind of been able to combat that is by bringing plants and doors, which was also a very challenging thing having kippy indoors because she liked to mow over quite a few of my plans. I have some videos of her and some of my plant Friends were like, oh my God. You know, be still my heart with, you know, the way that she kind of mows things over. So I have a lot of plants with notches out of them. I mean, she really destroyed my dip in bakia, which is something that is typically poisonous to humans and dogs and cats, but for whatever reason, it had no effect on my chicken. So, you know, I needed to remove a lot of my plants from the floor for fear of kippy eating them all. Do you have a significant other other than kippy? I do, yes. And does he or she get into the whole chicken thing? Or is there any jealousy? You know, he gets a little bit frustrated with it, particularly because her egg song. Now, if you're familiar with that, they have big song and it's not necessarily the most beautiful of songs, but I think it hits at a specific pitch or tone that really irritates him. So I have to be cautious around the time that she's about to lay an egg and it's not like as if she lays an egg every time at 7 a.m. or whatever. Sometimes it's a little bit later in the day. So it could be unpredictable as to when, you know, somebody should be home. Listening to the not so beautiful.

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