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In order to keep your round we're going to get into also the atoms silver wanting to maybe addressed the playoffs in how that system could change if you're in favour ford or not mike wise join us here from espn's undefeated on marcellus and for them espn away seven tech nothing making marcellus be destructive in the studio today it's the day after the allstar game here in los angeles sits president's day many of you have the day off hopefully you're join it of the crews and around and join espn ally 710 mike is will this from the undefeated on espn latte all right uh we're talking about adam silver and to me i'll give him a tonic wrote it i i think he's as out in front of any commissioner of any professional league it's why the ratings continue to spike for the nba does it mean that the past the nfl marcellus never okay but on that man allows see i would disagree with the desire that i in our lifetimes no hey i look when you go around and it doesn't matter if the suburbs or it's the inner city there are mothers who do not want their children to play anymore an and and win that when that tat went up pool of talent starts to dry up at the largest levels in ten twelve years i'm telling you out be shocked if you don't see a market decline in the nfl i'm a father who doesn't want his son to play yes i not encouraging them but i'm not going to say no if he sits me down in his high school year to say this is my dream i get that that said you know how long the line is and how long it deep the talent pool is and how many people don't even make it onto the field on every high school like there are no high schools with one hundred players now and only thirty burn and other seventy you're gonna take a kid out of ally good for you because he wasn't going to make it anyway but may nba every one is already aspiring for it they are ready are at their place where everyone desires nba player i see the trajectory going up.

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