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You know, he probably was like I. Yeah. I know you say this, but we're gonna get married like, I know we're gonna be together. Like, it's going to come basically deal with it. I just think to Janice point like women will say that in until are the men's feet is are really held to the fire. We might not act on it. So I think this whole scenario probably held his feet to the fire enough where maybe hopefully, he's realizing the backlash how much attention there is around this. If even pays attention to it. And because my thing is like I haven't talked to him or anything. But I would say dude she did ask for what she needed. She's I mean, she's begging you like telling you wanna spend your life with her. Do it guys head please be a guy I need. To know this. Is there any chance he's not doing it yet because of the weird ultimatum? So now, he's going to do it when because it's not ultimate absolute see, and I totally disagree. The dude I got. I'm not saying that he's purposely doing that. But that could absolutely because that's something. I would do. Really I was in. I was in a similar situation to this really for your wife, automated, you not not like I'm going to leave. But she said. How long dating dating we were friends for like a decade, and we had been dating for like a year and a half two years. And she said, do you think we'll get married? Wherever the wind takes us. Classic guys. I wanna wait till I'm making like five or six million dollars a year before I do I want you have the perfect, and she's like I want to get married and have kids if that's not going to happen. We should end this, and I'm like, okay. And then we'd like I got a ring a month later because that really the fear of her rows like I need fire to your exactly which is where Jaren too, but it's tricky because to Amy's point. Initially with Janna. There was some I held some kind of resentment towards that. Because it wasn't. I felt granted they've been together. He really feel rushed. But he doesn't feel like maybe it's on his time, or at least he has no control. So he's just kind of giving in. Okay, I'm giving you whatever you need here. And then there's no spark in it. Or there's no spontaneous eighty and. There's there's point there is some. Getting the ring within the next six months, and she needs to not speak of it for the next six months. I think there's so much on it. Because maybe he also wants it to be a surprise. I don't know. Yeah. He did say that too. He's like, well, you knew it was going to happen. We'll yeah. Because I asked for it though. Like, that's what she wants. That's what we asked for what you want ask for what you need to her. She tries or whether it came when she asked for it. So I haven't feels disrespectful to me thing. Is that sorry it does he respect her enough to do what she wanted. And I'm going down the wormhole. I'd love to hear Janna versus Michael on this year. We govern. Okay. Let's say he did it. He gave the ring on her timely mazing her family and friends would have been married huge celebration. They had something to bring into the new year. He's going to wonder because what I'm learning is when we get what we want. We want something more when we get what we want we want something more. So would she have always wondered did he only do it? Because of the tomato is a better way to start their mayor. Of course, do women even care that they do it based on tomato Janna. I'm sorry, repeat the question. Michael do if if women, okay? Your species. Okay. Gives a male species ultimatum, we act on that. Then what was your what did you say?.

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