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Drivers on I ninety through Bellevue will soon be passing underneath commuter trains today. We'll get a look at the plans for the bridge. It will carry light rail over I ninety one it officially opens in two thousand twenty three constructors already underway. Officials say there will be minimal impact for drivers below as they place the tracks coming up. I'm Ryan Harrison put the Mariners say about a former employee who accuses management of race and gender bias. It's nine thirty four Keira. Jordan's treat tracking the traffic for us as we get another update. What's going on? Looks like we have a brand new crash. Southbound I five approaching Northgate. That's taking up center lane. We were still dealing with a lot of off and on slowing from the four. Oh, five split into that area that this is going to help us recover. Meanwhile, northbound I five that remains well slow I is your approaching Kent Des Moines road, that's where we had an earlier stall. And then it's still very very heavy in Seattle starting just south of Albro to the convention center. We are working on a crash in Renton southbound one six seven approaching one hundred and eightieth two right lanes are blocked, and we're slow from four zero five and now both directions of four or five or starting to feel the effects as you're approaching the valley freeway southbound four or five is also still slow through Bothell all through totem lake and Kirkman even seeing some slowing just south of five twenty. Meanwhile, northbound four or five will be busy through all of rented. And then some scattered slowing as you're heading into back for you. And you're facing these delays westbound five twenty as you're making your way out of Redmond and two four zero five. This traffic report is sponsored by Virginia. Mason open enrollment is here remark. Qabail care right in your backyard. She's a plan that includes Virginia. Mason. Learn more at Virginia. Mason dot org slash insurance. Our next coach traffic at nine forty four.

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