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Knight foundation helping NPR advanced journalistic excellence in the digital age This is morning edition from. NPR news I'm Noel king and I'm Rachel Martin Iran is issuing a warning of its own this morning a. Top Ronnie and military officials said, US threats against. Iran will draw, a quote strong unimaginable and regrettable response that's according to Iran's official ear not news. Agency, earlier this week the president President Trump how President Trump, that is tweeted that Iran risked dire consequences. Quote the likes of which few throughout history have suffered. Before if it makes, threats against the United States Bloomberg reporter goal NAR motivity is in Tehran joins us now a goal NAR what do regular run-ins make of the rhetoric that's escalating clearly on both sides I think naturally that quite worried I think most. Ordinary people are very, concerned I think there's a sense that the pink become slightly numb to what Donald Trump says or what his. Secretary of state says the rhetoric seemed quite quite repetitive and I think Because officials hit when they. Refer when they speak to Donald Trump may tend to been it'll him. And mock here because of that I think Iranians will Solana. Look at things such as the tweet, yesterday they don't know whether to take it serious or not either but the. Problem is at the, moment they feel that they are at. War with America in terms of, the economy so You know they look at the rhetoric and. They think okay the United States is waging. A war on our economy so it worries them but at the same. Time I think they're not sure how seriously to take it. As well they consider themselves at war, with the US when it comes to the economy I mean that's that's a. Provocative Well I should I should I should rephrase that what I meant to say was they consider the US having, waged or having started to engage in Iran in a war on its, economy and I think I think to some extent. US officials some, of them, have, have, heavy have even said. That you know they have been quite open. About, the fact that they want to choke Iran's oil exports, that they want to bring the severest most punitive economic some sanctions regime ever imposed on any country and officials here a, routinely referring, to it as a war on Iran's economy, so, ordinary Iranians you know they they they worried about this, they feel this and. It concerns them deeply well, let me ask you just briefly besides President Trump's tweets you're the. Speech by the secretary of state Mike Pompeo that you referenced over the weekend. In which, he openly calls for To support protests in Iran let's listen A lot of, these protests in forty years of gene tyranny I have a message for. The people. Of Iran the United States here's you the United States support you, with you When the United States sees, the shoots of liberty pushing up the rocky so are we pledge our. Solidarity just. Briefly house up being perceived by Ronnie I mean I think he just said. That, Iraqi soil I don't know whether he. Was referring to Iran Iraq and I think I don't actually know anyone who had the speech I saw I've I've all several people here I have I haven't found. A single person who actually listen into this speech or has even watched mindset Gollner monta volley rights. For Bloomberg in Tehran she joined us on Skype jury, selection starts today in the case of an FBI agent. Who's accused, of lying and obstruction of Justice his case, centers around the two thousand sixteen occupation of the Malaya, national wildlife refuge one of the occupations leaders Robert lavar fickle was shot and. Killed, Conrad Wilson of Oregon public broadcasting has. The story and just a quick note this story has audio that some listeners might find disturbing On January twenty..

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