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Yeah, that's that's kind of my gut based on and then see how he responds for Friday, right? Some conversations that were had today But tomorrow is gonna be the pivotal day for Brother Chip. I think no offense gonna play. But you know Bradley Chavez, that's the one. That's the gigantic question mark, and then I'll field stuff occurring it. It's just one extra headache on top of it. Also, how does this impact the game? I mean, Because we know Von Miller is good. He's full participant. Good to go. The the offensive tackles for the Giants, Andrew Thomas and Nate Solder, actually playing right tackle. So we know what Malik read is we know Malik read is a serviceable Spot starter. He's a good player is a guy you need on your team. In the event of either rotation or an injury. But it's certainly not the Von Miller Bradley Chubb Show that we've all been anxiously anticipating this entire off season. Is it right hands? Von Miller will be up against solder and Matt Peart on the right side there. Um, if I don't know, Perch plan or not, but he was the starter last year. Uh, soldier doesn't really have a lot like is not the same player he used to be, and as a mismatch in bonds favor On the other side, Andrew Thomas. That's where you need somebody who like a Bradley chill. I don't think Malik readers got enough power to be the guy to beat Andrew Thomas consistently. Andrew Thomas does not impress me. He didn't impress me coming out of the draft, and certainly last year in his first year, I thought he struggled. But you'd also say the entire offensive line struck. Their offensive line is bad. I think Shane Lemieux there was a serviceable left guard. Um, I would call him Die Adult Horizon. Er will Hernandez Hernandez is okay at the right guard. Their centers is Nick Gates, and he's not very good in his backup is Billy Price, who was terrible in Cincinnati. That's right. They do. Get Billy Price right? And so you know, you've got an offensive line. That's just not that good. Overall, it's a bottom six or seven offensive line in the league, which is great news for the Broncos, who, maybe even without Bradley Chubb have basically the full complement of defensive line back. Expectations of Draymond to be up expectations with Mike Purcell, along with Shelby Harris back at the defensive line. Plus again, you know, McKelvin a game had I mean, depending on if he's a healthy scratch or not, but he had a really nice off season training camp. So I mean, I think there's some reasons to be excited about the matchups here. It just feels like a bit of a letdown, not having Bradley Chubb out there and again. I'm not saying that he's not. I'm just saying that he's not going to 100%. I think we know that for certain and there may be limitations on how much they'll actually use them in game. Based on the fact that we're still at this point now in game week on Wednesday, and he still can't get a full practice. Yeah, I'm wondering if I'm gonna get to see a little bit of coop. I wonder if we're gonna get a little see. Let me go to Jonathan Cooper. Yeah. Um you know, I I He he put on a show in training camp, and I wonder if we're gonna get to see a little bit out of him. Platooning because I don't know Malik is more the other side. You know, Malik is better when when going up against the right tackle. That was where he made most of his living last year. And so I kind of think that they want to keep him over there inside. I wanted to ask that question. I didn't really get a chance to today because I want to practice But I didn't go to the pressers which were before right up after like they usually are. So my plan is to kind of slip that question in tomorrow. Certainly, and you're you're right. Tomorrow is going to be a pivotal day for for a lot of reasons, but specifically, those two players know if and being out in the field and I need an argument. It was it was that you were off, but I made an argument that Alberto Cohiba Nam might end up being the Broncos best. Tight end by the end of this season is a better blocker. He is he can be a complete receiver. The drops are something that we're gonna have to monitor. But no fan had drops to. We saw that even in training camp, so I made kind of the point of like, Hey, listen, If we're really having a conversation about this, I don't think it's outlandish. By the end of the year. We're saying that Alberto equipment I was actually the Broncos best tight end. It's awesome. It's possible. Um, it's possible. I wouldn't say it probable, but it's possible. No if no fans really worked on quite a bit to get himself worried, Super talented, he's just limited right now. It is certainly an on field weapon like Don't don't don't get an advantage tight and sets to see Oh, get out there, and that's a question. I want to get into a little bit later on because I got the right guy Ted win actually put in an article talking about the teams. They have the best. Uh they went, he went through. Hold on. Let me pull this up right now. He went through the best personnel groupings. And and how each team across the NFL Broncos showed up on this, By the way the best personnel groupings in the NFL. The Broncos showed up on this list. And I want to ask you a little bit later on specifically about that, Like what's the Broncos Best personnel grouping? I don't think it's an automatic 11 personnel even with Courtland Sutton, Jerry Judy, KJ Hamler and Tim Patrick. I don't know. If 11 is best suited for what this team wants to do, So I want to have that conversation with you a little later on, and I'll tell you where the Broncos showed up on this..

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