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I think both those guys need to be unified champion 100% knockout ratio. Okay, but so Virgil Ortiz has a 100% knockout ratio. They're Devin Haynes of pound for pound or is the underwear? He's not a champion yet, better be of his unified champion with the other one. I'm saying Devin Haney is a 135 pound undisputed. So you say he should be on a list or no. No. He's right outside of it. 11 or 12. Like I said, because I'm not going to take out Josh Taylor. I'm not going to take off a beetle, and I'm not going to take off who was the other one. Better be of, was it? And I certainly am not going to take out better bit. That would probably be my number ten. Better bib. Yeah. And guess what? He's what? 37 years old. Seniority manics. It matters. Yes, it does matter, because you're old. All right, let's jump into some of these Instagram questions that we got for this. Let's start with Mike. Well, tank Davis fight a top 15 guy in December. Am I getting paid overtime for this? Yes, you are. What was the question? Will tank David? A top 15 guy in December. That's what he's scheduled for. Come on, man. Tank Davis is already who he is. They're promoting them to make money, not promoting them to be great. And you got to appreciate that as a businessman. You got to appreciate the fact that this kid doesn't mind making millions of dollars fighting people that aren't on the championship level. He's knocking them out. He's popular. He's a millionaire and Mayweather promotion is, you know, they're going in the right direction. Okay, you don't have a fan as a fan. I hate when you do this. I hate when you divide yourself into three parts, like fan boxer promoter. Like just be yourself. Answer the question. I am being myself. And I said, no, he's not going to fight it. Well, I think look, Esau Cruz fights this weekend. Certainly possible he fights his soccer in a rematch that nobody really wants to see. I don't know who else is out there between a 130, a 140 pounds for him. Like it's not a big section of weight classes for PBC. And it's just a bad look. Like the Ryan García negotiators are dead, they've moved on. Ryan's moved on. Everybody's moved on. I don't believe that fighting. And that's the reason people get upset with Garcia because they think that he cries wolf a lot. You know, the fact that he cried wolf? You hear tank Davis? He's not calling anybody out. No, the fact that this is willing to fight tank Davis is saying, I'll do this. I'll do that. I'll do that. But then it never happens. It's not his fault. No, it's not his fault. That's the point. It's just the politics and the business of the game. But I love the fact that he's doing that. It's tank Davis is not doing it. Hank David is not calling anyone out. He never he never says I want this man. I want that one. Devin Haney does. Ryan García. Should you? Should tank Davis be calling guys out? Yeah, because you know what, at this point of his career, even though everything's going good for him, people want more than that. They want a hero, you know? They want someone to get it inspired by. And then he's not inspiring anyone at this point. He's making a lot of money. And selfishly, he's doing the right thing.

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