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Which is amazing I will play a clip here like hesitant amazing chorus. It's also just cool that like a black British artists like is getting nominated for best Americana. Album. Really Right. Like it's just truly like about the quality of the music, it has nothing to do with like where you're from or whatever. Over full name is Yolanda courteous. That's why she's Yola for Yolanda Pacific over spotify. It's like the number one song her spotify is the high women even though it is on her spotify, she's on the cover she's just sort of the women did the home is that's she's an unofficial number one. Of My favorite album of the past whatever. So like they did an album and one of the songs was kind of a song where they brought in other women's voices to like kind of tell the stories of different women throughout history and she was part of that collective like she's not in the high woman but on the high woman tracks, she's a featured artists on that track. Yes and so but this, that's the song that's like. They sort of like gender switch. That's why that's so cool because it's like a song by name traditionally, and then whenever they have to play this cover of goodbye yellow brick road because I've listened to it like one thousand times in the past forty, eight hours as a song that I already liked it was like I'd never heard it before hearing this version. It's like I finally get it and even though I already liked it whatever playing here. She's made for she looked at him a tiny desk which I feel like the NPR.

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