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Wife said, We could have a threesome or I can get a hall pass and have sex with someone if she approves of that person. I am leaning more towards a threesome, so my wife can be a part of it. I really don't want to sleep with another woman. But it might be fun. My brother told me it's a trap. And I'm supposed to turn down both of the offers. What do you think, bitch? Your man? I never met your way. But, man, you turned down a hall pass. Who did hell? Who the hell turned? Take the whole plan. Take the whole path. That threesome is a trick. He's right. He's setting you up with some, but that hall pass man. Hope because J. Ain't you tired of her Anyway, you're trying to be Oh, wait nine years. First of all, it's nine years. After about you that you take it e mean banking left doing some thinking that all right, Bob. That's right. Your shoulders. Yeah, but she is. You run out of ways to do it. You really have run from video. Thank you. Thank you. After you. Let me see, huh? Know what J blow it out? Get back Five years way did that We did that. We did that. We did that. We didn't must die. Okay, Then you go like that. But we did it so not list, huh? Wow. You were terrible at that. And you weren't there. You weren't that good at this. So, Yeah. Take the whole past plant. Take the home. Really? I think it's a trap. I agree with this project. Oh, take it When you went to school. You couldn't wait to get a whole past man. Somebody give you a hall pass. You ran us out of it, though not in this to go to go past somebody's glass Bamboo I carry in. Detroit says that recently met a beautiful woman that's getting a divorce. I normally don't talk to her after she's made it home from work, and we barely talk on weekends, But we text a lot. I found out. It's because she still lives with her soon to be ex husband and she said she tries to avoid conflict with him while they're still living together. She claims he won't move out until the judge tells them who's getting the house? I can't help but think there's more to this story with them Living together. There's does this sound right to you better man. Don't sound right to me know what do you think? I think they're still doing it. There's still something going on. He would be there right here now. Yeah. All in the house together. Yeah. Yeah. And what? You what? You need to stop driving about a damn house? Because I know that would you do it? E o by reading this letter. You asked him drove by the house is what you know. I mean, I don't know how it's done. I've heard it being done. I don't know. I'm not doing it When I hear Try men do that to Wow, Don't look Limiting every man is driven by every man. Look, if you let me just say this man, let's do what we're talking about. If your love has never put you in the bushes behind the one you love house, you have never been in love. Really? You better love you if you ain't never been squat down in the bushes when it's raining. Yeah, it is a wrecked, uh and crazy. Hey, crack, all right? Yeah. You ain't in love. You know, that's true. All right. Nothing love. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, Yeah, some still them. Some fear going on stomach. Thanks Better man. We have time for one more Agena again. Damn intense. Ever heard that and paid good money for already here. Let's have one more. I'm married to a guy married to a man that is a mama's boy. I'm used to it, but I still get upset Whenever he chooses his mother over me. Sunday, he went to his mom's house for dinner. After I ordered dinner for us. I was so angry at texting my friends event to her. Oh, I mistakenly sent the text to my husband instead of my friend. I called him a worthless piece of sugar honey ice tea. When he got it, he When he got it. He called me and said I was wrong for that. He's been avoiding me all week. I'm so embarrassed. How can I fix this? Well, he would call you back. But his mama got his phone. So you're in the doghouse, baby Drift. You have to go with my mom. I know you think that we didn't really mean. All right. Thank you. Better man Coming up next. The nephews run that prank back right after this. You're listening. Hey, all your eyes should drive his taxi cab drivers limo Dad was thank you for taking your man along for the ride. It's the Steve Harvey. Morning Show, man. Nobody bad like this. Him one on three. Now seven lots of bucks. That's check it out with no delay in what you're saying? Yeah. Something with your wife. Really? What the dealio wouldn't be Michael. Start doing my duty 01 up in the public unveiling the studio wanted finally, baby. Really? Truly. Um, Amanda Dillon, Julio. He moody. Oh, Slappy with Giulio should get the death. Absolutely, You know, except looking shorty. See you leave the studio to waste a second. Make me wanna ggo in the booty Yo, tax mistress into thinking this is a video. It must feel like we have been the freak show. Continue with this should make you feel it all in your toes. Patch. Got all my people in white clothes. Tell him my mental force enough for my late my flows. If you don't know you're messing with the record player.

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