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You know what I'm saying and you know you get your wife or your girlfriend married well twenty years. That's boring and his you mad at home and you sat and just you know everything is repetitious but in the morning you get up creepers and you get in your car or you go to your office and you just listen to the show. I want to say I feel you out there. Godless you creep was now sitting to the haters who was driven by pure hate. They can't stop listening to this show. Train like to say blessing. God bless you keep listening to the show keep hating on dates is more? That's right now in the folks in the chat room bar. Cologne that our beloved. The veterans a new folks numerous chat room members of the week. We want to show them some love center. And if there's anyone in that chat room that is new please Luna Serano Khalil. Please welcome now. Cine Jay pritzker Pause Blackhawk. Before we do that I like to walk because our horrible job with a capital in Catholicos. Our One and only put this cop no pause look and even having look at question whether he will go back. We missed the Mr Rob Susan. We Miss Law that Mr Robinson did it when no love barbecue alone. Welcome back I read deep down in my sexy for that Barton. She missed his name. Four Times can I remember him? Saying Fini- You a shout online now is a creeper yesterday. Busy Green building. Yeah she's no. You should own chat chat chat room..

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