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Any single goaltender two hundred fifty three wind with Duca Rask. A lot of experience. A combination of Raskin has been really strong for the Bruins all season long. One of the reasons why they have one of the terrific records in the National Hockey League this year. Brass will look at it. Face up to his right? It may create JT Miller. What Mike Ricci? Carlo fumbles the puck a little bit of the near corner. Pelotas feel a lot by the Boston debt a lot zigzags his way to the right circle. Stays with it drops it centerpoint sorta a little shot Walker down by Rask. Miller left circle JT Miller cycles it behind the Boston at crew cuts it off dangerously front, but he maintains possession drifts to center kit. Preachy leftwing Debrosse Watson into the lightning zone. Covert takes it away covert tied up but forces it up, the nearside the Miller. Which v Polat? Will go back to Cockburn the red line. He cranks it in though, scoring the first Carlo is by plot. TT Miller steel by the Boston net. Miller speed back to the right circle right point shirt. Act shoots. The puck the wide right by podcast. Charl collected by his own little friend and Carlo to center ice floats down the ice. This is not going to be an icing dip it out himself to Ernie. But I miss this will be an icing. I believe yes. Edel let it left in a scoreless. First with a break in the action. Let step aside ten seconds for station identification lighting radio. L A, Tampa TV HD two Clearwater, W two six five point three av. Gulfport W two nine zero BJ west Tampa. Headwinds the diesel based off from.

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