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After that i attended arizona state got a degree in secondary education and opportunity came up i was able to come back teats saturday's high school for eleven years so we went back to yuma but he didn't stay in yuma that's for sure sometimes i'll carpool with a group of teachers that live in you mind actually working in the same store in the same district and sometimes i drive myself but even though it's about sixty miles or so each way it's it's still worth it this huma teacher rene castio has decided to work not live in california so he has crossed the border and has gotten a job in the l centro school district i think southwest high school in el centro california making about eighty grand a year and he said he's almost doubled his salary and it's an he says it's totally worth it with the one hour recruit because well he he needs money raise for several years makes it difficult financially opportunity came up to teach california across the state border line when you can pretty much double your pay to do the same thing it's kind of hard ignore i mean i i don't see a lot of other teachers here in the valley doing this you can't just drive to california to bligh or whatever on on the i ten from every day.

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