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Answers for NPR News on Max Devlin Adler in San Diego. Secretary of State Antony Blinken will lead a U. N Security Council meeting on Syria Monday and hold other talks. Virtually MPR's Michele Kelemen reports. Security Council is meeting virtually so blank in will be chairing the meeting from Washington. A top State Department official, Erica Barks, Ruggles says the council will be discussing the humanitarian situation in Syria, which she calls dire. It's been exacerbated by the spread of covered, especially in crowded camps, where it's impossible to have social distancing, maintaining high genius extremely difficulty US once the Security Council to keep open the one remaining U. N humanitarian corridor to Syria. Secretary Blinken also plans to hold talks with U. N secretary general on topics ranging from climate change to the coup in Myanmar. Michele Kelemen. NPR NEWS Washington You're listening to NPR News in Washington. Live from KQED news. I'm Queenie Kim. With positive tests and Cates rates of covert 19 declining. Napa County officials say that they are on track to join the orange tear along with other Bay Area counties. That change could happen this Tuesday. That means Napa Valley wineries could reopen to indoor casing soon and with the weather warming up, that's welcome news to local businesses that rely on wine, country tourism. Alameda County is also expected to move into the less restrictive tear. On Tuesday. Schools in the West Contra Costa Unified School District are expected to reopen on April 19th KQED Sarah Hussaini reports. The decision comes after a marathon discussion. The school board voted late Friday evening to reopen its 54 schools following a 12 hour negotiation session between the district and various employee unions. The deal would offer up to five hours of in person instruction toe all grades Monday through Wednesday, extra hours would be available to high needs students as well as two hours of what the district calls in person social emotional opportunities on Thursdays and Fridays. Words would be captain 15 students, But the overall number that can come back depends on the number of staff who volunteered to work in person. Families who choose to remain in distance mode can continue to do so. The agreement still needs ratification from union members. I'm Sarah, Who's Amy. KQED knows Form or go to KQED dot argh! I'm queen of Kim, and this is kick you et news. Support for NPR comes from Intuit, maker of QuickBooks for those working to achieve their own definition of success. QuickBooks smart suite of business tools is the hot designed to help them get their learn more at quickbooks dot.

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