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Broadcasting loss from the epicenter of the american the liberal media complex new york city ready to do battle everybody is john gibson so i have to come in and this was done it was a huge screaming fight in the in the media both take news yeah fake news to me and let sort of and things of course you were to give the definition of what fake near says because i'm so confused by what it really means well there's news is wrong i mean some to can be wrong about things but i think vague news me going to have a couple means one is that you know and you know the stories just i'm playing lie and this is what right screwed this was saying about the new york times story that it had numerous a name sources who we're assert team that the trump campaign slash administration has been in cohorts with russians buys nearly every day no runs freezers previous just saying that's just a lot and trump says it's a lot and that it that's great news but there's another kind of fake news and that's when you if you make a story into something there really isn't for instance donald trump and his rally in.

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