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Even hotter temps on the weekend eighties and nineties in the couple of the senators turns on Cos a little chill in the air in some spots his 45 degrees in Arlington right now, clear skies there also 45 in Olympia right now in Renton. It's 50 to come on this time, 5 36 just getting reports of a shooting involving a police officer in Tacoma near 36th and M Street. There are some streets blocked off in that area were told Lakewood Police are handling the investigation. Couple news has reached out to the lake would chief to get some details about what happens. In a separate incident, A man was shot to death into coma last night, Police responded to a call about gunfire and argument going on in the parking lot of the Department of Licensing Office on Yakama Avenue. They found an SUV nearly a mile away with a 28 year old man who had been shot. And he died. It is shut down for a nuisance property on Aurora Avenue and North Seattle. Almost cold, Miller tells us it's the ever spring in the city back in July, deemed it a chronic nuisance, telling the owner he has to clean it up or face legal action. That's scary for the people in the neighborhood, and I can't imagine that it's any less scary for people that that is their best option for housing. And now, Seattle police says that owner is telling everyone they have to leave. And is closing the motel to tackle the trouble that it brings in. We've learned he's hired security and that s P d will be on standby outside a building that in the past has been used to house those on vouchers. Sorenson says. Seattle can And should do better. If this is the best that the city can offer the city's failing Because it's not safe and it's not healthy and people need safe and healthy housing. There are new developments in a January home invasion in Mary's Ville. Police have now released a picture of the man They're looking for Cadre MME. Henderson in Port and Port Orchard, who they say held another man at gunpoint. One accomplice stole cash, bank cards, cell phones and computers. We've posted Henderson's picture at Combe aux news dot com. A second man was also arrested on a separate charge. Seattle School board has adopted a plan to start students by remote learning this fall with some reservations. The decision was unanimous. But board members like Chandra Hampson say there were not enough details about educational requirements with versions of schedule grating. Cassie. Attendance. Uh and there will need to be significant work in these areas. With the board going forward. School District staff say they'll have more information on grading weekly schedules and more, but it may not come until after the first day of school, which is now just three weeks away. It's 5 39 were just a minute away from a comb. O Sports update. Kaiser is off the chain. Everything is in one place for you. Your X ray will be done there. The doctor will see you fear the labs are there for you. And then the nurses that work with you, Kaiser. They make you feel so at home. They're there to meet you. I would not be alive today. If.

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