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I was going to talk about the events situation at the top of this week. Show but the only fan situation seems resolved itself only fans is a platform where people can subscribe to content creators who then share exclusive photos and videos on the side. It's a site worth billions. Thanks to the sex workers and porn performer. The platform marketed itself to recruited when it first launched in two thousand sixteen and then a week ago only fans announced it was banning all sexually explicit content from its site because banks credit card. Companies processors were forcing them to they reversed course in a week. Only fans turned around and said a week later. Basically we hear you and announced that they weren't gonna ban sexually explicit content after all and would no longer be pivoting who. I don't know what what they plan to pivot to the week. Before last based tune teenagers doing lip syncs and cooking tutorials and other shit people can get for free on youtube and dick doc right now. How are you going to make money at that. But that was their plan a week and a half ago. What seems to have made the difference here. And what. I see as a sign of real progress the new york times washington post. Cnn daily papers. Npr mainstream publications went to sex workers and porn stars to get quotes about how only fans was doing to them. What facebook and instagram and craigslist had already done to them and how this being driven off the internet was making their lives harder and sex work more dangerous not a radical sex work not ending it just making it more dangerous. That's new and it made a huge difference. Abigail higgins has a terrific piece at the lily. Sex workers rallied together when only fans band sexually explicit content. They believed their voices are finally being heard. That's the headline. go read it. I'm not the only one who thinks that this new development reporters talking to sex workers about sex work is making a difference is creating some sort of seismic shift some

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