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Stories from the Coma 24 7 News Center. We have much cleaner air around western Washington today, rain and some wind moved in in the last 12 hours. And right now, almost all the air quality readings west of the Cascades air Good. The eastern side of the state has moderate air quality levels, with some unhealthy areas remaining near the Idaho and Canadian borders. Local tributes for Ruth Bader Ginsburg continue to pour in following her death. Come was Joe Marino talked with one of her former law clerks, Elizabeth Porter, who is now a professor at U Dub. Ginsberg herself faced discrimination coming out of law school and turn that into a lifelong quest for equality for all Americans, I think She was absolutely the best sort of Patriot. Aside from a storied career, Porter says Ginsberg loved art and music and was surrounded by people She loved. I can celebrate a beautiful Joyous life well lived. Whatever happens next, Professor Porter says she hopes the legitimacy of the Supreme Court doesn't get dragged down by political scheming in the upcoming appointment process. That's almost Joe Marino. Momo's Malaysian reads Governor Jay Inslee statement on Ginsberg's death, saying, We lost one of the greatest American Patriots to ever serve on the U. S. Supreme Court. Until he went on to say Justice. Ginsburg was a public servant who kept America true to its purpose. She never shied away from vigorously dissenting when the court set back the course of justice. Anjali is among the dozens of politicians and celebrities taking to social media to mourn Justice Ginsburg. They also include former President Bill Clinton, who have pointed her. Clinton called Ginsberg a magnificent judge on a wonderful person. Just minutes after we learned about Ginsberg's death, the political battle started brewing in the Senate. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell valve that whoever president Trump nominates to replace Justice Ginsberg will get a vote on the Senate floor, even with the election less than 45 days away. That is sparking outrage from the other side of the aisle. Democrats are calling on McConnell to wait until after the November 3rd election to put a nominee on the floor. Just days before her death. Ginsberg dictated a statement to her granddaughter, saying, quote My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed. For the second time. In the last couple months, the WSB trooper and kits at County has intercepted a wrong way Driver.

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