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Hey everyone, this is Trish. I've got a new store with some of my favorite freedom inspired merch all designed by me. Check it out at Trish Regan dot store today. You can look stylish while supporting the values of capitalism, freedom. And the American Dream. It's all online today for you at Trish Regan dot store again Trish TRI SH Regan R EGA and dot store. Get your Trish Regan march exclusively at the Trish Regan store today, Trish Regan dot store. The market is in freefall, Harry and Meghan are going totally nuclear on the royal family, and a new Miss America is going to get crowned tonight, and I am here as one of the judges for the big night, make sure you tune in, welcome everyone to Patricia B cell. I am interested to quickly my native portions of today's program are brought to you by legacy precious metals. If you're looking to invest for the long haul and make sure you take a look at precious metals and when you do, call my friends at legacy precious metals or go to their website, legacy p.m. investments dot com for your free investing guide. Speaking of investing, as I go to air, it's midday here on the east coast, we get the stock market in a freefall with the Dow down nearly 700 points because everybody is finally waking up to the reality that I have been warning of forever it seems now, and that's that we're in a situation where the fed because of all the mistakes it has made will not be able to find its way out of not without sending the overall economy into a recession. And this has been my complaint from the beginning because you know who pays, you know who pays for their lousy, stupid policy, us. Everyday Americans, the American middle class, we're the ones that take it on the chin because these guys think they know better. They think they can play God with the financial markets..

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