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Sometimes, life is hectic choosing a mortgage lender shouldn't be the ellen in five mortgage offers competitive rates, no I and up to one hundred percent financing. That's a mortgage that comes with peace of mind whether you're purchasing new home. Would we financing? You'll feel right at home with an we're local trusted, and we'll be here for you even after your closing call eight, hundred to nine, hundred, twenty, nine, zero five and get started on your five, five Mortgage Ellen and Federal Credit Union welcome home. Good afternoon and welcome to the Northern Kentucky spotless light where we shine that spotlight on all the great things happening in Northern Kentucky I'm Katherine Nero alongside. Jeremy Sh- ran the marketing and communications director for the Northern Kentucky Chamber. You had a busy week at the Chamber Jeremy Yes we've got all kinds of stuff going on but mainly are huge thing we've got going on. This week is the business impact awards. It's been celebrated all week long on our facebook page in the morning. If you haven't caught all of those, you can catch them on our facebook page. You can go back and re watch them and we're also emailing them out to you check your emails for those but world talk about that a little bit more in a minute. Lots of headlines to get to you today, and we will get into all of those coming up I. of course, we want to thank our.

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