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And what is this firmly focuses on is how one particular vineyard the pom has endured which is a boutique line pre she would say about ten thousand barrels a year actually managed to save so much what other vineyards loss and that's because they and they use this technology called and i wrote it down just because it's the nickname with felix but it's permutation aginst logic control systems in the absence of workers who could actually go down and check on these grades in the barrels check on this wine this automated system actually did it for them i was able to save them these while tired and if it online since two thousand and fourteen but it never actually run on it so certain so even when this thing was all praise and they did where she sure whether ultimately it would safe the wind and operate the tanks successfully absolutely and what happens is is like with wine is you know if you get it wrong and taxation or one little thing wrong and the entire thing is spoiled and what is fascinating is they invested millions in the system and you are small producer but he has a technology background and charles thomas user brought this into his in your but now it is rolling out to the bigger producers as well like arnesson giulio gallo are looking at have brought the send but it's saying that again we talk the trend is on the show but automation disruption but if you take out the need for those workers one you know there's going to be it as shift there but it's also about protecting and safeguarding this wine unfortunately wildfires in this country are becoming more and more common not less what's interesting is the system is collecting data ten times the second is who is constantly monitoring the why that was in the 'casques rate and then through whenever they needed to do exactly and and.

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