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Lot of events there we can fair Saturdays and Sundays letters to life for Memorial Day Labor Day opening day parade I mean all of those things your children your spouse are all in one so we're people are at kings island normally or you know they're traveling in adding Airbnb somewhere in Florida my kids are with me at different political events are supporting and so it's been all the insane you know you get in at eleven twelve one o'clock in the morning and you went to four different events in one evening in order to be successful so it's a major major commitment and I just didn't want to turn my young daughter and I have a son who is it I'm very proud of this he's about to go active duty in the airforce so he gladly may wonderful and I need to really stay focused on him too slowly I can you not having had a child go active duty in the military I'd like to be added to all of his graduation ceremonies and I and I will I will I've got to stay focused in on him too as it as another example my old my second oldest son graduates from Miami five three graduations in may and will move him somewhere in the in the country where he gets a job and again I didn't want to sit back and be distracted by campaign at the start I needed to be focused in on them their mom past my wife of almost thirty years we were together when she passed twenty nine years we dated and and and and Mary in a year people thought we were crazy will there like you're getting married what's up with that thank you with this you know you just ma'am and that in the end you know we were together I'm Mary twenty eight years on the twenty ninth I do if you'll just allow me slowly see their fate a few people that I talk to daily and I'll just give some first names but I think of Tom and John and GM and Butch I I think of these people and can those are examples of people who are in this fight in some variation a friend of mine he had cancer his wife being got cancer and she's fighting and they have two young kids I list all of those those people up in their house in anybody who's under hospice care and I think this last point hello because when we were in a hospice no matter how much you feel like the world is there with you you feel really allow for early at nine and so they're people right now around the region who have a hospice nurse in their house right now you don't even know it because they drive up in a regular car I want them to know that would definitely praying for them and their family as they go to the struggle I appreciate you Douglas opportunity may well man I tell you what I have nothing but love for you because it what you went through is when we I think anybody who's now it and love in a relationship either maybe just met someone in your to starting your journey out here like me and you want to see how I got thirty years and and you thought okay well we're gonna holding gray we're gonna retirement do all these things on the I've got those your curve ball like this and it's it's I guess it's not a curve ball to punch to the gut is what it is and a year later those ones are still still pretty fresh but what you did is I you know I I I look this good at that tells me everything about Christopher Smith even if you're a voter in Cincinnati you're listening go that that's such a character thing to me to say listen I have these higher aspirations I wanna be the next mayor Cincinnati but based on what happened in my family and and the commitment that I have made for my wife who's known with me her legacy would be best served by me staying home and of course my important thing is my family I do offer my family a lot of people say that but you Chris actually walk the walk and talk the talk and hats off to you man and and it is it's a moving story meant as a lump in my throat right now just thinking about this and and you'll get what you deserve and more and and you know I don't as as I I can't give you your sage advice for the same but I would say that everything that I've seen in history it dictates that that this event what happens can make you stronger to make you better for whatever you decide to do in the future there's no just no question about it may not feel right but in in for those are saying well now what we gonna do it if that's what the city will survive I think P. G. is is an honorable guy too I like peaches and fell I disagree with that his policy of this policy is the like but P. G. is a to me seems to be a straight shooter and that he's an ex mayor so be it things will be fine in your day will come my friend thank you brother all right nothing but appreciative I'm so appreciative of the time and allowing me to provided are an exploration of of what I'm thinking I'm just I'm going to this day by day I really don't know exactly what the what the posture but you were can you menu you circle the wagons and all and just now I'm thinking yeah and the all the best your brother okay talk to you soon okay thank you bye there you go that's a Christmas them on the show that's everything you need to know right there about that the content of his character solid as a rock seven hundred W. up now.

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