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And that was the problem he's a phenomenal actor though and i still love him situation came to a head in the middle of production before the two had their biggest seen together on the joel schumacher film onecarry carry randomly popped into the same restaurant is jones while he was having dinner matridis said oh i hear you working with tommy lee jones he's over in the corner having dinner i went over to hey tommy how're you doing and the blood drained from his face this is jim carrey telling stories and he got up shaking he must have been in mid kill me fantasy or something like that and he went to hug me and he said i hate you i really don't like you you can hear tommy lee jones saying there and i said what's the problem and he pulled up a chair which probably wasn't smart and he says i cannot sanction your buffoonery you can hear tommy lee jones of bettiah a carries theory was is that he might have been uncomfortable doing that type of work because it's not really his style of of stuff so maybe that was part of a button online i am citing with tommy lee jones on this i think ever jim carrey six with he didn't talk for me on the sat ever downside of me tommy lee jones on this all right we got beat gina coming up in a moment it's for a odyssey dance theatre and prohibition gift cards so you've got to call in to beat gina at twilight trivia the the volume pike's march sparkling empire and you know don't worry it's multiple choice seat it's just guess how worried not talking vow you're in we have annoyance his this is we're not doing this.

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