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I don't even have words to really put to that to that to that feeling because my best friend was on their Jason workman met him teen to Matt mills and robberies. I mean, I could just go along, and there's so many so many awesome guys on there. But like warp, and that was my best friend like he was my best, buddy. And if socked me it was like shit and just the the families and just how many families are affected by this. These great warriors. And I'm like, okay. Maybe there's still hope maybe they're maybe they're still some alive. They're still some alive. And we tried to go go get the bodies in our CEO's like you're not going like, what do you mean? What fucking fucking going like, are you kidding me? That's guys. And I understand his thought process now is like he didn't want us to see our guys charred, and whatever I've heard the stories after from some ranger buddies that went actually. Took care of that cleanup of clue that mess is probably good that we didn't get to see that. Because the ending as you know, there's images are just in graded your mind, but I was set to come back to be back for the kids like a few weeks later or something like that. And then Jason's workman's family Stacy his widow asked me to bring his body back. And of course, I'll just come back early. So I came back with Jason. And I remember you see those pictures of like a dog kind of sit next to the casket. They just lost their owner that was kind of like new Jason. I was like I would like, you know, growing the C seventeen back. He's got these metal caskets. We got I can't remember how many caskets there because there was extra body parts. And there was four or five of us came back with the with the with the bodies in. Talk about a frigging experience man, just like being with your your buddies or in there, you kind of want to see him. But you don't wanna see them. I just remember laying next to us casks, which was his major. I find found out and I was with his body for. Two and a half weeks because we had to find a Dover. I had a time to go down to my house can get things get my like, my blues all that stuff because I was going to take the the angel flights to Utah to his family and my girlfriend at the time flew in all her for like a day back up to Dover suit up there. And then we took the angel flight and had a drop off another dead body in like, Missouri or something from an army guy..

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