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Let. John. Darla moore. Into bank. Dada. Dada. Doc. Go on. Johnny. Other maldin? Doc. Komo. Luca danni. Me tell you. John also. Start also. I'd also. How much how much how much money? How much money how much money coming? How many people that data left weather rat? How many how many? How many times you've got how many? How many? How many how many times? How many times you laugh laugh how many times? How many? How many chances she didn't? Every lab rabbits, ready to be broken to tell my brothers. If I turn to me. But I'm twenty one. Sweet. Penitential? A couple of my heart. So. Game. I me and my dog. Then you win and wrote a statement and really. My life. Finished charming? Got lies to the streets. Any other sour sunny paid to rap on how much money. How many products? People have data. Aratu lack many credits. How many how many how many how many coming? How many? How many times how many times? How many? How many chances? Streams plays from C behind the smoke and mirrors. They really big as they say, I never say anything. Some make millions. Memes. This is a marathon playing from a lack of promotion. Boston. I guess I was hoping to music was before the people want everything else. Okay. No, everyone to know what the outcome of being abandoned. Representative would meet twenty. On a new he got he called it. A la. Fled into made it to the top whenever and if it was worth it. And now. Want you notice I never met you especially when data. Not happening. I got play. Prevent your friends. Critics it did it before it all is how much money how many products how many people are in data left, wet lack. How many how many? How many times you got shot? How many how many? The data. How many? How many times? How many how many chances? Gee. The home girl Briana, and I'm pulling on one six. All right, right. Box. Certain..

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