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Some of the goal line you know it's the is you know three seconds left in the period luckily wobble back in san diego zone make no will slide it around a man it's now shot seventeen seven with eight goals need to let the last one of if you you know you reach out with that stick to deflected shot most of the time it's a great place sometimes not so much maybe maybe a that time entered yeah you're right the seventeen seven shots one one i like an take this to the panic like they feel like they wanted also the pressure probably fourteen of the twenty minutes of that period but one one going into the visitor locker room you got a feel good is the team we have reached the but life first intermission report his see no center were on a tuesday work nine school that we've still got a terrific brown recalls hockey jordan samuels down his his tenth of the year at freaking foles three sorenson by the way three game point streak for san diego as well getting an assist along the grind private on that will attend ten comes in a couple of other perry nights chances in the period that came out dry and then teemu pulkkinen a powerful slap shot on right wing they could have been tipped my eight goals as it went in at nineteen twenty six from that out to tie the score at one to on well the gulls deep you want fox five san diego and i'm qualified six tennis is the goals even going head to head with the grand these put up a fine ratings number beat the any game day by over twenty five percent we're getting here for president nats of on coming up he president of business operations up now what it took to.

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