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Zoom saying is like I think there was law rednecks with long hair smoking, Dube's feel your Deb took it a few steps further. Yeah. He also lied beyond just that because like for like my early childhood grownup. He rent a video store Crowder's video. So he's also big movie buff. That's how I got interested in show business in the first place was just like growing up around it in that way, growing up in video store. But he also in that world, he loved like, David Lynch, and the foreign movies and all this like super again, especially for Silina's super weird shit that also I as a kid was very much like what the thought is. It's not like David Bowie and the music at Doug, even as a child, I also like fucking puff daddy, and you know, Candlebox or whatever. But but I like the music, but a lot of the the movies though, I didn't fuck and get it. You know? I have a lot to tell to ten euro. Right. I just wouldn't Mike. He would try to turn me on to some of that shit. And most of that never really took at the time. But I mean, I, you know, I mean, you know, I've been made fun of on our podcast before for like Darren Aronovski and that type of shit. So I mean it seeps in right? But yeah, it's not like at the time. I was just all about it. You know, I was critical of some of the two it's like went to fucker. What is this? Because this is exactly what I wanted to. It's interesting to imagine apparent show on a child. David lynch. It's cool. It super cool. I was I mean, there's no way I was more than twelve or thirteen when I when we watched like Mulholland Drive together. I remember that movie because I think very quickly I'm gonna look up because the reason we watched it because it had just come out. We had a store, and it was new the movie was new I rented, look it up until this brick story. Mulholland Drive from video store. My mom work. In that was run by two thousand one. So I was fifteen but I'd seen other David Lynch movies before that like with or tried to get us. Normally it wasn't like they like normally I just lost interest. You know? I'd be I'd be like what what the fuck and I'd go do something. Go play my Sega Genesis or whatever did you go to rent movies thinking did you ever like do the thing? We like there's Bubis in this one. That's what I did a mobile, Android. Maybe it wasn't Mulholland Drive. I did that with if it was a one, but I can specifically remember being in that video store just trying to find a PG thirteen or an or movie that mom would let me have does. He care about that. Did you watch our movies? And it seems like you did. Yeah. I can the first one I could remember actually don't be rattled. It was. But I mean, I had to be. I bet it in this. I mean shit my mom was in there with him. So I was like bishops age I was like seven because I got divorced when I was seven. Yeah. They were in I went to bed and they were in the living room together. Watching die hard. The first diehard. Are we off the folk up? No, it's going to die for them a charge. Keep going they were in the living room watching the first die hard. And I came to the kitchen to get the drink because I woken up to pay your whatever. And I got a drink. And I can remember like. Like hiding behind a kitchen cabinet to watch the movie in the living room. Like, they would forget that. I was there or whatever. And after you know, like five minutes, my dad was just like, oh, boy, you know, just come over here. If you want to little Cup of koolade over there set down in watch the rest of diehard with them. I mean. Yeah. Like, I said, I I was like six or seven dollars are right. A movie there's no note titties in it or whatever. But like, yeah. But he was..

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