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I'm John Baxter. This is John Baxter Show from the surface of Planet Earth were landing again on the surface of the planet Earth with Bob Zimmerman. He keeps the website beyond the black. And I mentioned that Bob has a thank you to his subscribers and listeners for the Happy birthday month of July. It is now Happy birthday plus August and we have much to do tonight but first Bob. Your listeners and our audience are very generous people. Good evening to you, but they sure I mean, you know, the fundraiser for July is over. But it was the most successful twice over to anyone I've done in the past. And I think that's appropriate for the 10th anniversary of the website, so I've gotta once again. I did it last week, but I'll say it again. I lost CMO. Thank your lips, your listeners. For their generosity. Ah was really appreciated. It allows me to keep being my grumpy self. John Yes. Douglas, Douglas Hurley and Robert Benton. Who are they? Their astronaut. Stay a NASA employed astronauts. NASA hired the company space X to be able to put these guys upto Isis and bring them home. Uh, Space six had launched its endeavor capsule a den Deva Dragon capsule. Two months ago, and this past weekend and Deva came home. I'm using the term in Denver. That's the name they gave to this particular capsule by the astronauts once they launch, so even though to Dragon Capsule, the Dragon Absolutely first to the Ah The capsule, A ll the capsules that space six makes, But this one is particularly named Endeavor, and it's important to note that I'll get toe. Why even way they landed peaceably very nicely in the Gulf of Mexico. Space six very brilliantly. Has set it up so that they can who land on either side of Florida and the ocean gives them options. If there's a hurricane on one side, they go to the other. That's what they did here. Um, They actually have two ships for doing this so they could go one place to the other very easily. They landed. They were picked up Really nice. One of the fun things about this during watching the landing was that Uh, this was public. It's fry. It's also outside the 12 mile limit and so and it's close to the show, though, because they want to get these guys back quickly on DSO, a whole bunch of flow. Tele of private boats came out to watch. And once they got says that they didn't come close, they stayed back until the capsule was pulled up was was getting close to the ship. And it was under control. And then you started to see both fly by that were you know tourists basically watching. And at one point they they must have Ah, Bull on the message, please back off, so you could see that there almost like social distance distance in a line watching this happen anyway, they got out of the ship. Everything's fine. They got back. About why I want to use the term endeavor for this particular dragon capsule. The reason is that NASA has already determined that this capsule is going to fly again, or I should say Space six wants to fly it again, and NASA's agreed to it. And so the not the next manned mission in late September, but the spring manned mission. Uh, is going to fly this capsule again? So therefore endeavor is it's a ship. It's going to fly more than once, and it has a name so we should use it. It's endeavor. The coolest part of that is that on that flight is going to carry four astronauts, one of whom will be Meghan Mukasa, who is the wife of Bob Benton, who just came home. And what's even more cool is that she probably will be sitting in the same spot that he was on this flight. And I think that's just really cool John and tells you the future is here. What is the expectation of how many times a dragon can be recycled? Ah, that's a good question, John. Um, I think I've heard numbers as much as 10 times. But I could be wrong about that. I do know that would stay sexist plan is is to But when they make a decision that I can fly it for Amanda mission again, they will then use it for cargo missions and Ah, and then they'll give the cue more flights that way. These are not ships. You know, these are the prototypes. And even though that reusable they're not like planes or ships that we expect to work forever, but for a very long time, so they're going to be replaced regularly until we learn more, but that's where they are, and they're much safer because of that. Bob. We're going to the Russians now, and there's an old saying It sounds better in Russian. Don't get between a Russian and his money okay for Russia enjoyed money the bounty of NASA for many years because it was the only way Congress left. NASA to connect to the SYS. That's no longer true. We just evidence that with Dragon endeavor, so one of the Russians doing with the empty seats. Ah, well, they you know they were flying tourists back before NASA depended on them to fly. When that's arrived, Mass, NASA was paying them more money and they could they could really hold. They had necessary to the fire, so they keep raising the price to really ungodly amounts. They used to charge 20 million for tourists by the fight by the last contract with NASA. They were charging 90 million per seat. 20 million versus 90 well once NASA came along, though, the Russians did not have any spare seats to sell tourists so there haven't been any tourist flights for a very long time. Well, now that NASA is no one going to be buying these flights of Russia is immediately trying to get tourists back on this fast feet..

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