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Back at the world of sports. It's the I heart radio weekend. Sports Time capsule. What's going on, fellas? Sports fans. It's Andy West, and I'm here to take you on a journey back to this week in sports history will start out in 1912 were Jim Thorpe wins the decathlon at the Stockholm Olympics. And in the closing ceremony, Sweden's King Gustav proclaimed store the world's greatest athletes label this week in 1934. Babe Ruth hits his 7/100 home run in a four to Three over Tommy Bridges and the Detroit Tigers Jumping ahead this week in 1960. Baltimore is Brooks Robinson has a five for five performance at the plate, driving in three runs and hitting for the cycle as the Orioles beat the Chicago White Sox five to this week in 1973 Nolan Ryan of the California Angels struck out 17 batters and threw his second no hitter of the year, beating Detroit six to nothing this week in 1985. NBC is the first TV network to Arab program in Stereo Major League Baseball's All Star game. The National League beats the American League 6 to 1 at the Metrodome in Minneapolis this week in 1990. Minnesota, became the first team in major league history to pull off to triple plays in one game, But it wasn't enough to overcome Boston as the Red Sox beat the Twins one to nothing. And this week in 2016 Henrik Stenson shoots an eight under 63 to beat Phil Mickelson by three strokes, becoming the first man from Sweden to win the British Mm. Bringing you the local information that matters to you. Sacramento's news 93.1 kfbk. He's back. He's back. It's Shark Week. All week. Don't go in the water. What is it about a shark week. And I don't even know when shark natives are supposed to check your local listings. If you have you ever seen Alec, you've seen Sharknado, haven't you? So I was going to say which ones have you seen so They're they're about as bad of television as you can possibly get, but, uh People tune in. Like.

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