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Brother door honored to have you in here. I've been a fan forever I noticed and I was GonNa tell you that I am very happy to be here for you and for me because I've been a fan of yours but I always love the support that you give me. You always supported me since day one you've been one of the best people can hear talk about me since day one. So I just want to say thank you ought to support for being. Thank you sir, thank you my pleasure. For, sure. I've been a fan forever like from back in the day. You know you know you saw y'all must've forgot forget shit. I remember all man I remember when you're fights were basically executions executive. News some years man where you would just like see how is this guy got a survive and how long and you you had there was a time in your career when you were at your peak, we you had devised this style that was so different than anyone else's very few jabs. You throw a lead hook no one knew how to prepare for because there was no sparring partners they can emulate it. Your speed was off charts. Your movement was off the charts. I think to this day the only person that copy box history that went a full round without having a single punch scored on them and not the best defensive fighter ever. Listen you. Know as I mean maybe Willie pep might have done that back in the day before copy. Copy box era nobody has ever gonNA complete route would I punch scored on? Him He ain't the best powerpoint or he's the best at least. And we know about offense. But I don't argue not just listen to what people say. Now there was a time where I would say like people would say, oh, but he didn't fight anybody I might the fuck he didn't. They just couldn't. They couldn't compete. That's all it was. You fought world champion site, the songs they make them look like nobody wants to forget i. It's you had such a strange style man. How did you devise that style Lemaire? It was a lot. My father was a fighter. Who was trained? By sort jump. In. The think. Some part of the armed services in a way, my father learned a lot, but he also learned a lot of things not to do. So. By learning those things, he was able to give me a very good foundation. With that foundation, my father had roofs fighting Russa's when I was young. So I will watch the RUSSA's all the time because roosters develop a picture and then people always talk about no fighting this that. They develop a pick on their own. Anyway they're going to do that anyway so I would always watch him. To figure out what made one the king of pick nor what made him better than wrist and when I learned what that was it was a few things. I figured out. Once I figure out I start emulating emulating those things in my boxer style. So from fighting chickens yes. What what was the thing that you notice? Well, first ball the one that used it was on top he knew a kid herself for the era. Of. Confidence that he wasn't going to be messed with. So when he fight, he do more faking lot more faint never let them know when he coming off Sunday goats. State, powerful estate same the whole day, and it's like anytime he about he did the same thing he used the same. Thanks same thanks and he often do things that other chickens did not do. But that's God given mandate eastern God gave him that. So if you learn his characteristics are watch yourself all day long. The Way Kyrie and he wasn't around. The we got rid of when CAM around. People say. The people used to think that I was very egotistical. I've never been an egotistical person but what was highly confident person? I'm God's gate. Rooftop. ME. Around guess what I'm. Going to defend my. TURF. That's funny thing to say to a world champion fighters. One of the greatest of all time egotistical I mean listen if you're not confident, you don't get to that place never ever possible. It's like you have to have a belief in yourself as he there's no other way if you don't believe in you. Yeah nobody. Yeah I was a fan back when you got fucked over in the Olympics. God damned. They ruined that. That was terrible. That was one of the worst Olympic decisions of ever seen in my life maybe the worst it was so bad but it was in Korea Right Yep Seoul South Korea in the Korean fighter Yeah God Tam. That was ridiculous. Well he got the gold medal clear and then you see the decision you jaw drops you know like, what is this? It hurt the sport of boxing especially Amateur Boxing Heard it because when you can take a kid nineteen years old, he defeats his rival clearly and you robin it really eliminates the integrity of that sport. Yeah. Still don't go back and fix it nobody to this day has come back and try to fix it. They gave me Olympic orders they gave me the Walker Cup, which is for the best box at the Olympics were. Addiction prediction. How is the best box here now wearing a gold medal? Yeah. It was. It was bad but it also was. In one way it made people really root for you. It was a blessing in disguise and understood that the the the second day I might cry whole first day but second were. After I went to the back and asks Hex XY interpreted X. Him. If he thought, he beat me because if you say, yes, the he didn't know it but he was gonNA. Give nothing..

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