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With your dogs and cats are you comfortable working at home with your dog catcher I should rephrase that are your dogs and cats more comfortable working with you great time to give me a call as I said I got lots of great stuff to give away hugs and kisses Lucy paper T. shirts books catch incredible later and see like a mushroom that's going to go to everyone that comes in and does in fact get to to be live on today show we'll get a fabulous gift for their best friend I just before I went on the air today I got a on my Facebook page by the way if you're not following me on Facebook you should be hearing a lot of information there the next few weeks posting a lot of videos and my Facebook page for you guys to simply Facebook dot com slash that picture Facebook dot com slash the picture I got the sad the sad message on my Facebook post this morning for tears to my eyes and I'm curious to see how you guys would react to it as well from a friend of mine gave a friend of mine in terms of Facebook friend of mine Hey Warren I'm not gonna be able to call today my dog is dying of cancer and the veteran not allowing people to be with animals when they're put to sleep now this is horrible like a damn nightmare seventeen years I've had my wonderful dog and now when I have to say goodbye I can't be with him devastating devastating you all know about a year ago after my little sis go to sleep and have it come to my house we had it down here what happens now what's going to happen the guy can't be with his dog had seventeen years we want to see the final goodbye can't blame the vets we know the corona viruses out there what are they going to do what I recommend them I only show one and if you agree if you got a better idea let me know said at least maybe if they can play at the voice of their guardian ask your question the rainbow bridge and maybe the dog or cat could be wrapped in a blanket of their own a blanket they've known for years or or a shirt or something here regarding had warned we kissed my what would you do anything I'd like to hear comments on it the poor guy had a star for seventeen years and and because of Kobe the obviously the better not being able to have their guardians coming when they have to put their dog in Seneca crossed the rainbow bridge tough tough situation give me call let me know we think the phone number eight seven seven seven two five eighty two fifty five eight seven seven seven two five eighty two fifty five plenty of time for you because a lot of great stuff to give away how about we start out today with that with Kansas Topeka Kansas and my friend Shawn Hey Sean welcome to the picture how you doing good would you serve William battling nothing with our our boxer for the past seven years shedding we tried they were chopped off food irregular bass bass don't display sheds or just find out what it is we might be able to do to try to reduce that a couple of things let me ask you a question sure and how often would you say you base your box I love boxes by the way they look like the chase park cars which was pushed in faces aren't sure and when you baby doc how often are you doing once a week way too much way too much you know what you might be actually drying out the stand I skin causing more more shedding then you're trying to prevent so okay that's way too much what what type of shampoo user our user hurts the hearts with and then and then I get no no no no he needs to get yourself a good quality dog shampoo there are many on the market and when I want you to do is right now maybe every other week every third week I don't a lot of people don't realize that by putting the soap on the dogs or the cats when you bake them can actually dry discount if you pay them too much so this is what I want you to do she want I am going to send you my top secret formed extract I'm gonna send you a jar of my own hugs and kisses a vitamin mineral supplement you can here's why I developed hugs and kisses over thirty five years ago and the specific reason I developed hugs and kisses watch for shutting down the dry skin hot spots and her boss the number one ingredient is all natural lecithin there's nothing better for skin and coat so what I'm gonna do she want is I'm gonna put you on hold and what I'm gonna do is change which are of my own.

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