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Marco Werman. This is the world. We're CO PRODUCTION OF THE BBC World Service W. G. B. H. NPR ex. President trump wants out of Afghanistan. How that could happen remains unclear? It could lead to a lot of collateral damage consider the thousands of Afghans who helped the US military a US withdrawal could expose them to revenge from a newly empowered Taliban. The world's Monica Campbell reports on the impact through the eyes of one Afghan man who helped the US. Muhammed use his middle name. He says he now feels increasingly trapped in Afghanistan with no clear exit. Hello can you hear me? Yes can you hear me Poor connection hold on I'm connecting to Mohammed over skype. Trying to at least he lives an armed. Waldorf compound in Kabul. We finally connect. Is this a better connection? Yes are you. I'm good. How are you? Muhammad's life changed. After a cricket match it was two thousand and six in Afghanistan and he was translating the match into English through loudspeaker members of the US military. Route the game to and after Muhammed says of you guys came up and asked if he wanted to work for them. They need somebody who is really good in English and they want the interpreter to work as translator. The job paid well and offered the promise of A. Us Visa called a special immigrant visa or SL. It's for people in Afghanistan or Iraq who've helped the US military and face danger because of their work. Mohamed is one of those people but he's been waiting for a visa for nearly a decade. Getting it is urgent. The work he does makes him a target of groups like the Taliban and he tells me about this one time when he arranged a meeting between top. Us OFFICIALS IN TRIBAL LEADERS. The media covered it and there was Mohammed on TV. Where even we were on CNN to after that he started getting.

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