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It's not going to you're not going to enjoy yourself if you emotionally feeling like the space to do that. It's not just the physiologic. Congestion today. There are things that you about I. I had a mistake to me in February and I thought to myself. My husband in fancy me you know those are real feelings. This is something you can literally just gone through this February just gone. Sorry February last year. Okay. Okay. It's times flying so fast but yet every last year well, that's a massive ca I mean yeah that's. Alongside all the stuff that's happening with and some of the main that, and this is still presumably a Monday to Friday nine to five job that you're doing all the time. Yeah I mean I obviously anybody that's going through chemotherapy or treatment knows it's a pretty brutal time and yeah, you know. And you know you've got to listen to your body but. I'm working fulltime now because it was just important to me that as soon as I felt well enough, you know you everything is dominated by health issues and you want to get to a stage with you just a bit of normality back in July. and overseas off a ten year old daughter I wanted her to see mummy being you know active and and doing stuff again. So yeah, So. Yes. I. Anoc Gina I feel so much better for I. Think it's I mean it's different for everybody but for me it's good for my wellbeing. Yeah. Well, it is different but I think also I have spent a Lotta time recently I did a job with McMillan and they were introduced me to a lot of people who've been going through cancer treatment and one thing they were talking about a lot and this is particularly relevant to me as well. My stepdad's undergoing treatment at the moment and they're talking. About sometimes when people have had the treatment is the bit afterwards. That's actually really terrifying because you've had the the shock and the fear of your initial diagnosis. But then there's the course of your treatment that's going to follow when that's finished. That's the bit where you've got to think, okay. Hardawy reconfigure that experience back into the life I was having before I think you feel a bit vulnerable because you don't have that sort of bubble around you and yeah and you know those that tendency to look over your shoulder. But, we don't do that when we get a code. Nine. That's what you have to keep telling yourself having. Yeah. That must take Spurs. That's sort of the strength of mind. Also I suppose a little bit knowing how to deal with trauma. Really. Because it's a sort of invisible tour bus bays wants the other side of it. Does. He's like having that thing of it must stay in your peripheral vision because you've had your relationship with body one way, and then you've got to start thinking about ways it could it could harm you, which is really significant thing to go through. And I know for for our family. is been a really steep learning curve. We've all had experiences with cancer before, but having it very close to hire me something that. Has concentric circles. Everybody's everybody's affected by..

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