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Devin shore took a penalty his backcheck and corey perry that stop that she one one late in the period was vintage we talked about it marte been gone and maybe short can step up and be that guy plays on the weighing in back jackson and makes the staal defensive plays allows jason spezza to have a little more creativity me out offensive zone a player like that get you thinking he's capable of doing it he came all the way back back checked lifted perry stick note shepard all for a quality shotgun of two on a one you know jacob healthy if you seconds later i love the hustle i love the backcheck and i love the fact it corey perry didn't get a shot on net that was big the man you pick for the you energy power play the game was at one or so he had a look bruce coming down the left wing got a step behind the d and ripped one just over the top right corner of the net i thought that when we had everything going in and had a chance you know i'm one of the plumber's shows he doesn't not los welcome to score pretty goals a whole lot that hadn't had a chance to be a pretty goal in and anton roussel does well against anaheim me oh even going back to a couple years ago when he was on the pitbull line he didn't play well against i still think he's got a goal him tonight stars and ducks scoreless after one ducks had the games only power play thus far because is you her bruce mention the devin shore minor that he took which came late in the period at the seventeen twenty seven mark would you think of a penalty kill you know the kills good you know there was one shot taken off the emmy shoulder but they didn't make mistakes the big because they didn't have the breakdown that led to up a big time quality chest and and their best goaltender your best article has to be a goaltender knee i mean was solid on the pj.

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