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Other insurers does come available in all states or situations well this Tuesday it's Tuesdays with Tom Tom skilling joins us from the WGN TV weather center which is in his closet and I would like to ask you Tom skilling how it is possible that Lake Michigan entered the sky and then descended out of the sky I'm to us and then back in the Lake Michigan you're gonna love it don't you know I mean that's one of the prices we pay for having one of the most extraordinary natural resources at our doorstep in terms of water availability at all but you know we all know what that does to our temperatures should on spring and heaven knows we've been noticing that play out then on top of that you put to a gargantuan range systems in here in five days we have had in the last five days the equivalent of a half ball made it worth the rain and just five days hi there is no way our river systems can handle that and the result is that got flooding everywhere nor are spoiled for that matter because it's saturated so it's been it's been quite a ride no question about it and I'll tell you something else grandes winds up the lake but alternately were to get towards summer like warmth and humidity this weekend so there's a big change cut okay we'll get to that moment but let's talk about what happened here in the first place we see out almost back to back records right two major systems came through in each one of those systems set its own daily record oh no question and what's more amazing when you stand back and look at the picture you know for about five decades we've had a trend toward more more rain this is a climate change personified in this area you know a lot of people think climate change only deals with temperature now it it has to do with jet stream that has to do with the amount of moisture you get we've been getting heavier rain events more frequently and anybody who lives near a river or is subject to flooding knows that this is happening with increasing frequency the last three makes this one included have been the wettest on record enough now official this morning we passed the benchmark for the wettest may on record and we still have a little under two weeks to go on the bottom so we're not done with that record but we're up to eight point three inches for the month and many areas in the last five days have had between six and nine inches of rain a typical may produces three point six inches so you see why we're in trouble here my folks wrote lived through that yeah nineteen ninety six July nineteen ninety six seventeen inch rain out of the award April bill area I mean there were homes that were in water up to the third floor dormers in fact I remember we put our helicopter rapid WGN for the first.

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